Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Do you all have one?

I haven't written one down yet and we are already checking things off!!

Our summer bucket list just helps us love life and live it to the fullest, you know?


* Rainy this case...watching a fantastic lightening show in the daytime!

* Major League baseball...Texas Rangers' style

 Note:  I think we possibly witnessed the worst Rangers' baseball game in history!!  LOL

But we still had a great time!
-home school $16 ticket prices
-$1 hot dog night
-Autograph Wednesday night

* Mesquite, TX Pro-rodeo.

* Travel Texas...Palo Duro Canyon...the Grand Canyon of Texas (in the panhandle near Amarillo, TX) 

This place is GORGEOUS!

Photo credit Texas Parks and Wildlife

* Walks at the dark...when it is 95 degrees F...the coolest part of the day.

*  Swimming at night....with the pool lights on.  (My kids think that is totally cool!)

* Weekday Mass.  Started back up now that I'm feeling better and Clementine is a little older.

* Freezer pops.

* Lake days

* Picnics

* Saturday night Mass...Sunday morning brunch followed by a morning swim.

* Six Flags over Texas

* Holding out for a quick trip to the ocean.

* Late night runs to Sonic for 1/2 price shakes :)     

FYI::  Sonic has 1/2 price shakes after 8pm from Memorial weekend through Labor Day!!


If you have time, stop over at Phyllis' blog here. where she listed some very simple, creative, good old-fashioned fun!


What are some of your plans for summer?

~  Patty  ~

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking Back At Mother's Day

This past Mother's Day, David was back in Texas working and I had the kids to myself up in Illinois.

I would not have traded spots.  I had this ...

(Grandma Clare meeting her grandaughter for the first time :)

And this....

(My mom and mother-in-law haven't seen each other in almost 5 years!)

I drove my mother and kids up to the tippy-top of Illinois to visit Grandma & Grandpa Hughes for the day. I had the honor of cooking for these two, amazing women while they sat and visited.

It was a great day!

My brother-in-law brought over some chocolate-flavored, red wine.  Oh my!  Have you ever had that before?  Yum!  Yum!

His son, our nephew Jacob, came over to mow Grandpa Bill's land (3 acres) and was sweet enough to take some of the kids for a ride on the back.

My dear husband was at home in Texas suffering from yet ANOTHER kidney stone attack :(

He's since seen the urologist and it is the same stone from the March attack.  Never passed it.  Ouch!  He's on meds and hopefully he can now pass it (it is small believe it or not.)  He goes back to see the urologist in one week to discuss options if he doesn't pass it by then.

Please keep him in your prayers :)

Later that week, David flew back up to O'Hare and an old buddy  picked him up and delivered him to his parents' house.

(Pat was the Best Man in our wedding.)

David also had a visit from another old buddy, Don.  

(Don was a groomsman in our wedding :)

I'm so happy that he had the chance to them, brief as it was!

I drove the kids up one more time to pick up David and to spend the afternoon with his family.  It was a short but enjoyable visit!

I was able to get some photos of David with his parents, brother, sister-in-law (in black), and sister (in purple)...

Clementine was an AMAZING traveler for the entire trip!!!  We could not have asked for anything better. 

We have so many great memories from this vacation.  I just wished we lived closer to least close enough for day trips, you know?

~  Patty  ~

Monday, May 28, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend


Locks of Love :)

(So very proud of her :)


We had our annual cook out at the lake.

We met a new home school family that has...get this...5 boys (all under the age of 8 !)

Stan the Man is in Heaven...and the mama of those boys is a saint!   :)

The one above and the one below are identical twins!  

For the first time, my girls were outnumbered...ha ha!

Clementine and their youngest lad were able to sleep a little bit under the shade of the tent...

Lake days never let us down :)

Someone turned a big 4 months old over the weekend!!!

David says that her face (especially the eyebrows) are so full of expression.  I agree, don't you?

She loves to stand on her legs!

(Of course with lots of support!)

A few days ago, she showed NO sign of rolling over...then on Saturday, boom!  she rolled over at the lake! And she did it the hard way...back to tummy :)

She is adored.  

I still cannot help but feel total awe over being blessed with this little baby...still so surreal.


Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church.  

We celebrated after Mass with a special Holy Spirit cake...

(This year, the dove kind of looked like a big plane don't you think?!)


Man cave for Stan!

We painted the office on Monday and moved in some of his bedroom furniture.

His grin tells you how happy he is :)

We didn't have the time nor energy to get the new curtains hung.  Hopefully tomorrow.

We still have to bring down his Lego table and hang his wall shelves, too.  

The office does not have a closet.  That's okay.  He and Clementine share our master closet with us.

But he does have to share this new space with his dad.

As for toys, he really only gets into Legos and his Nerf guns these days.  They'll fit nicely in his new room.

Is he happy?

"Mom, I feel like this is a dream come true!"

We capped off the day by making s'mores (over the grill :)

I think this has not only been one of the busiest weekends but one of the busiest months for us!

I've been thinking about our summer bucket list....haven't even written it down and we are already checking things off!

Do you all have a bucket list for summer?

Have a wonderful, fantastic, amazing week!

~  Patty  ~

God Bless America

To all those who paid the ultimate price...we honor you and pray that freedom will continue to ring.

God bless America!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isn't The View Beautiful?

My mother's backyard...

So lush and green!

But it really comes to life when you throw a bunch of kids together for a game of wiffle ball.

The cousins played  SO many ball games during our stay!  Game after game...9 innings each time...with a seventh inning break to sing God Bless America :)

Cousins caught up on Grammy's porch...

And there was a whole lot of this...

We joined other out-of-town cousins at a hotel pool...

I found some of the young "men"  working out in the gym after their swim.  Too cute!

Clementine met so many relatives and received tons of lovins'!!

She was held while she slept...

And held while she was awake...

The night before Mother's Day, 7 out of 9 of us kids, spouses and our kids gathered at my mom's house for a cook out.  Can you imagine hosting a dinner for 37 family members?  

It was loud and now and so much fun!  Dad was definitely there in spirit.  I love how we are able to talk about him and keep his memory alive so effortlessly.  It does a heart good :)

(Ester and Clementine with older cousins and Aunt Mary.)

(Legos :)

We celebrated a little cousin turning 2.

(Isn't she cute?!)

Good times for sure!

Stan was thrilled to pieces when he had two sleep overs - "Boys Only" sleep overs :)

I thought the cutest was when I found Stan and one of his cousins  digging in Grammy's garden looking for dinosaur bones.     "...because they have 'em in Texas you know..."

We had a picnic one Grammy's backyard....

We were able to get a visit in with my aunt.  My mom's oldest sister.

And when the kids grew bored...they dove into Grammy's old collection of Majesty magazines!

I enjoyed chatting face-to-face with my sisters.  (Wish we lived closer!)

(My sister, Mary, who is the oldest daughter, is a CPA.)

(My sister, Sue, the second daughter, is a registered nurse.)

(My sister, Jane, the youngest daughter, has a degree in biology.  I have my degree in Elem. Ed.)

Simple pleasures.  Love them.

My mother's day was pretty special this year.  I was able to cook for both my mother and mother-in-law.  I'll post about it later.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

~  Patty  ~


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