Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello there!

Not sure how much time I have to write this post due to a very sweet, little distraction sitting next to me in her pumpkin seat...

This afternoon she started clicking her tongue and smiling like crazy when we clicked ours right back.    

She  enjoys  looking at "the baby" in the mirror...

...and seems to have taken an interest in crocheting...

And  because it was a lazy, Sunday afternoon...

...we lay around watching the Texas Rangers baseball game.  (Man!  They are doing awesome this spring...won 9 out of their last 10 games!)


Stan's Blue Knight suit (minus two pieces:  spear and sword).

Note the forced smile.  

When I realized we were missing two pieces of his armor I wanted to take another shot in full costume.  

He reminded me that I said "one photo only, Stan."



The Easter Bunny brought these cute, ceramic, pastel-colored Easter eggs.  You crack them open, water them, stick them in the sun, and hopefully see a beautiful plant grow :)

(I happened to see these at Lowe's, too :)


I'm really excited that I FINALLY planted a Jasmine plant!!  I LOVE the smell of Jasmine, don't you?  Simply intoxicating!  

I also planted an Autumn Sage bush in front of the Jasmine Star climber.

Both are small right now, but I will definitely show you pics as they grow over the summer.  

(Looking at that pic reminds that I need to throw down some mulch.)

BTW, I made sure the Jasmine was next to the back porch rocking chair.  I'm already enjoying the aroma of it while rocking and drinking my iced tea.  Heavenly!


I tried two new recipes this weekend.  DIVINE!  I'll post them later on.  

(In the mean time, think BBQ Chicken and Strawberries and Cream!)

Gotta run...Clementine wants her mama!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a fun update and a joy to watch that sweet little Clementine changing and growing so fast! Stan's blue knight suit is one of the cutest (or should I say "cool"est I've seen...Did the Dads think of that awesome milk jug helmet? Great job!

  2. The Stan pic is classic! Definitely will need to bring that one back out when girls start coming around. The Easter Bunny brought those eggs to our house too, unfortunately the cat got them:) The plants look beautiful and Clementine is too cute for words, she is really growing.

  3. oh that little lassie has all the attention of her sisters! (and her brother I'm sure too) How fun for her!! She'll learn so much just hanging around her older siblings. what a perfect face!! those big eyes. Girl, how are you finding the time to plant flowers and make lovely dinners and dessserts -- you are amazing!! I love the ingenious helmet you made for Stan's knight outfit!!!

    1. Blue Kights costume. Well, we can't take credit for the armor, but David has improvised with the "girdle". Yes, it was called a girdle much to the boys' dismay :)

      I LOVE to cook and I've been trying to look for something new in main dish, veggie, and dessert each week. I'm wondering how long it will last. I told the littles I'm making up for not cooking while I was sick and pregnant :)

      Flowers. Just love 'em! And I just love yours, too!

  4. I always enjoy your photos, Patty. They just always make me smile :) What beautiful plants you have. Mine are greening up quite a bit and I had the chance to throw down some mulch this evening. I love working out there and enjoying the fruits of my labor in the summertime.
    Can't wait for the always make me so hungry when I see your amazing photos!
    Give sweet Clementine a kiss...these girls are growing up too fast.

    ps...I must note that your legs look amazing post-baby. Sorry, I didn't mean to stare. lol. Just had to comment.

    1. Hahaha! Sarah, you crack me up. My Sally snapped pics of the baby and I while she slept and I watched the game. I went to put the pics up and deleted the one that showed definite dips and bumps in my thighs! LOL I must be vain, huh?

  5. So nice to see you! That little Clementine is ***precious***. You and Gardenia have me thinking that I should plant some flowers. Maybe Jasmine! Love the knight costume- thank Stan for letting us see. :)

  6. Clementine is getting cuter. If that is possible! I love Jasmine to, but it makes me sneeze. Enjoy some for me. The girls are growing up so fast and Stan...well, he looks like such a charmer. Take care.


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