Sunday, April 29, 2012

Forever Young

A friend up in Illinois told me that her son is graduating from college in two weeks.

Huh?  When did THAT happen?  Just yesterday he was just this high   (hand by shoulder).

Today I have a sister who turns 46.

I still picture her in the sixth grade, primping herself for a night out at the roller skating rink.  Read here for a good chuckle on roller skating rinks and big sisters.

Happy birthday, Mary!  We will remain forever young in my mind!

Last Thursday, Clementine turned 3 months old.

Okay, so would somebody please inform me of when or how that happened?

She isn't saying :)

But she did surprise us yesterday.

(Surprised herself, too!)

Mabel was dancing, trying to get Clementine to smile and Clementine responded with a deep, down, from the bottom of her pit, belly laugh.

4 times!

No encore for daddy yet.

And I celebrated a bloggy anniversary on Friday.  Two years now!  Doesn't seem like it has been two years.

I haven't done a give-away in eons.  I'm thinking of something to do and will post it later this week.

In the meantime, I'm sending  forever young vibes your way today!

Happy, blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Time flies doesn't it?? Cute photos of miss C!

  2. Time keeps on tickin', doesn't it? I bet Clementine was awfully cute when she laughed. Waiting for the same from Miss Greta, she's been close.
    I'll take those forever young vibes-I feel like I need them today :)

  3. The first laugh! So sweet. Time is flying by. I'll check out your skates post- I think I may have read it.

  4. It's all going by too fast...ahhhhhh!!!

  5. Love that song! Ah yes, I can relate all too well right now (sniff, sniff). Let's just say it's an emotional roller coaster ride at our house;) I'm right behind your sister...Birthday blessings to her 46 year old self. I'm heading over to read about roller skates. AH, those were the days with the disco ball and music! Happy 2nd bloggy Anniversary...I'm thinking I'm right about the same time!? Belly laughs are my favorite~Enjoy!

  6. What a fun song! Congrats on your 2 year bloggy anniversary! Love the deep belly laughs of babies.


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