Sunday, April 15, 2012

Faith-filled Days

Friday was Ester's baptismal birthday.

It was kind of a hectic day in our house but I did manage to pick  up a statue of St. Anne for her.

Ester is all about horses :)

I recently found out that St. Ann is the patron saint of horse women.   The other patron saints of horse men, riders, and equestrians were males.  I thought St. Ann was more appropriate.


Divine Mercy Sunday.

We decided to use Lacy's Divine Mercy Sundaes from Catholic Icing.

I was looking for something super simple and she always has super simple and super easy ideas :)

And they also made the Divine Mercy craft from Catholic Icing.

Mabel was able to do both of these twice since she did them with her group of Little Flowers earlier in the week as well.  :)


Speaking of snacks...

I found these at the Target dollar section::

It made eating popcorn (especially during Lent) a little bit more fun!  They are plastic and easy to clean, stack, and store.



Today, David and Stan hosted their Blue Knights group.  More to come since I haven't downloaded the photos.  Stan just LOVES Blue Knights.  He waited for an hour on the porch for his buddies to show up.  (They weren't late....he was just eager :)

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday to you all!



  1. Beautiful faith-filled days! Blessed baptismal day to Ester...One of my favorite statues:) Tho didn't know about the horse connection~neat. We have the same popcorn containers, love em. Happy Mercy Sunday!

  2. I love that St. Ann. What a beautiful gift! We did the Divine Mercy Sundaes too. I was surprised how impresses my family was with such a simple idea. Thanks for sharing your faith filled days.

  3. oh we made those Divine Mercy dolls too. aren't they easy peasy? Happy baptismal day to Ester. how wonderful your family celebrates those special days.

  4. Hi Patty,
    What a beautiful statue of St. Anne! Did you find it online? Or a Catholic gift store? I used Lacy's Divine Mercy Craft too with my first graders! Yours turned out so cute. Eastertide blessings to you and your family!

    1. Hi Noreen,

      I purchased the St. Ann statue at a local Catholic gift shop - Two Hearts. I bet you could find it online somewhere...


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