Sunday, April 1, 2012


I found a rainbow of colors at the end of the health storm that blew in last week.

Our Lady.

(One of three rose bushes exploding with color!)

Prickly Pear last year...

...and this year...

(So easy to plant, fast growing and maintenance free in the Texas heat!)

Baby Clementine stayed asleep after her daddy took the carrier off of his chest.

(Don't you wish you could sleep that hard?!)

Sisterly love.

Imagination.  Future authors.

9 weeks old.

 And those bow fishing pictures I told you I'd be sharing...

(Bow fishing with his daddy on Lake Ray Roberts.)

Lastly the palms.

Hosanna in the highest!

Praying that you have a fruitful and blessed Holy Week!

Looking forward to the joy of Easter!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Happy Palm Sunday to you too! Great photos, I love seeing your flowers in bloom. So what kind of fish is that and will you eat it???

    1. Jen, David said they are needle-nose, and short-nose gar. Kind of like alligator meat texture. They don't eat those. Usually there are other fishermen near the boat docks who'll take them.

  2. Ooops... I forgot to read the comments before I commented. I see you have already told us what kind it is. I have never heard of it before. So cool!

  3. It looks like our Lady is shining her face upon you too:) Those blooms are just perfect, just like her! That bow fishing is so cool...I have never seen that. What a neat skill for your sweet guy to learn. That photo of the big sisters speaks volumes! What a blessing:) Precious Clementine is cute as ever! Happy Palm Sunday and blessed Holy Week to you:)

  4. What beautiful roses! And Miss Clementine, how darling you are! Love the pics. of Stan fishing-looks like he had a great time. Blessed Holy Week to you too!

  5. my, those fish are huge!! go stan!! and that photo of C in the crab outfit : she is a little person now, with a special face and wow, she looks like you so much Patty!! she is a living doll. I love all your beautiful landscape and flowers.

    1. Thanks, Gardenia! You made my day. You are the first person who said she looks like me :)

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