Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby, who's gotcha?

April 9.

A very special day in our house.

Stan's Gotcha Day...the day they placed Stan in our arms...for good...and we boarded a BIG plane and flew all the way home with our little boy...April 9.

That is Stan's foster mother in the photos with us.  You know, when it comes to the love for a child there really is no language barrier :)

(On board flying somewhere over the International Date Line and the North Pole.)

Each year we mark this anniversary by doing something cultural with Stan.  

This year, we took Stan and our lovely neighbor Kye (who is Korean herself) out for a yummy Korean dinner.

(Phone pics...quality not as good.)

Kye helped us order since everything was in Korean.  She did a great job!  We ate grilled beef and pork with a combination of yummy vegetables that are traditionally served with a Korean dinner.

Stan:  Mom, I'm quiet.  Do you know why I'm not saying anything?

Me:  No.  Why?

Stan:  I can only speak Texan.  They are speaking Korean. 

Next stop...to a Korean mart.  We've been to this one before and it is always a fun place to stimulate the senses!

Those blue crabs were sure feisty!!!  They could see you when you got too close and would try their hardest to take a chunk out of you.  Stan was a little bit nervous standing by their container.

We picked up those snacks at the grocery store.  David and I really like the smooth taste of hite beer, brewed in South Korea.  The rice cakes filled with bean jam are a sweet treat, one we ate while having dinner with Stan's foster parents in Seoul. 

I knew it was a good night.  Stan kept saying, "This is the BEST Gotcha day ever!"  


Houston....we have contact!

Sister found her thumb.  Sister now self-soothes...11 hours at night.  Mama is getting more sleep :)  Everyone is happier!

~  Patty  ~


  1. that's a wonderful way to celebrate your "birthdate" for stan.

    praise God for baby fingers.

  2. What an awesome family day! I love the phrase "I only speak Texan", how cute is that!! You have such a beautiful family :)

    1. Ha ha! I guess he thinks English is Texan! :)

  3. What a wonderful day to celebrate! You certainly make it very special.

    Hooray for sleeping baby and well rested mama!!

  4. what a little handsome guy Stan is as a baby!! and still is! a beautiful tradition to celebrate Stan's korean heritage on the day he was in your arms forever!! (sniff sniff, remembering our own day). oh your baby girl is a beauty!!

  5. What a wonderful tradition! And look at those cheeks! Such a cutie. Happy gotcha day to your whole family.

  6. Uhm, he is the cutest little guy ever. I love the tradition of doing something cultural...how fun and special! :)

  7. What a blessed and grand gotcha day! Love that God placed Kye right next door:) How fun! I'd definitely like to try the Hite;-) Wow, praise God for thumbs and more sleep:)

  8. Oh, happy day!!! Love that y'all do something "Korean" with Stan! What a special little boy he is!!!
    And that picture of Clementine is just precious!


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