Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Little Lady

Ester, our horse-lovin' gal, celebrated her 11th birthday on March 8. 

So what do you get a horse lovin' girl who happens to enjoy a little bling?

Why a gift card to Cavender's!   Cavender's Boot City.  We spent the morning there checking out all the boots and bling.

She did not want to spend it all at once so she picked out one, pretty blouse for the time being.

Her dinner guest was "Curly", who also shares the same name and ALMOST the same birthday.

(Ester is wearing her new blouse ... isn't it pretty?)

After dinner we had cake.  Horse cake.

(For you DFW folks, this came from Market Street.)

And those candles she blew out?  She picked out Rainbow Glow candles.  Their flame is the same color of their wax.

(They sort of worked.)

And can you guess what she picked out for her paper plates and napkins?

Yup.  A horse theme :)

(We found these at Hobby Lobby.)

She had a great day...a great birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ester!  May God fill your year with abundant blessings.  We love you!

~  Mom and Dad  ~


  1. happy birthday to the little lady. Love the pretty blouse she picked out -- with the beautiful lace on the sleeves! so sweet. those boots are rockin' too!

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! The blouse is so pretty! That girl has style! (Of course I love country western wear!) Yee haw!

  3. Happy Birthday! Of course we love the horse theme :) The new shirt is so pretty, and I loved the cowboy boots! Maybe she needs to get those before she goes to horse camp. Looks like she had a very special day!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ester! Love the new shirt, the lace detail is so cute!

  5. Birthday blessings to your sweet horse gal:) Looks like she had a fun celebration...My kids love to spend gift cards too:) That cake design was just adorable!

  6. Hi Patty,

    Happy birthday to your cowgirl! She picked out a very pretty shirt and was wise to save on to the rest of her money until she finds something she really wants. Smart and pretty!

    If y ou're interested, Jennifer from Crafolic is offering a giveaway on my blog (rosarymom) of her new game called Journey's End. The winner is picked this Friday.

  7. Looks like Esther had a good birthday! She picked out a pretty blouse. I haven't seen candles like that before! Pretty cool!


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