Monday, March 26, 2012

Making a complaint

As David and I are  trying to raise our girls to be young ladies, (like so many of you are), we seem to find that the secular world makes it increasingly more difficult.  I don't understand why sexuality and immodesty are considered acceptable and so glamorous. And it starts at such a young age!

We teach our young boys and young men to respect and honor women yet society promotes indecent and immodest dress for young girls and young ladies.  Those poor boys have no chance.  How are they suppose to respect females when they have so much skin prancing around in front of them?  It seems as though society sets them up to fail.

And for those young ladies who wish to dress modestly?  Wow!  It is extremely difficult to find clothes in stores that don't make them look like tramps.

Sally found a beautiful skirt at Goodwill that she wants to wear for Easter.  We just needed to find a top to go with it.  We had NO idea how difficult it would be to find one.

Everything out there is either:

Skin tight
Low cut
Super short
Form fitting
Belly bearing
... just to name a few.

We went to T.J. Maxx, Kohls (yes, my beloved Kohls), and Macy's Jr. Departments.  Nothing!  Depressing!

We found ourselves more and more depressed as we walked through the rows of racks.  I asked her if she saw anything that caught her eye. Her reply, "Mom, I don't like any of this."

I felt relieved to hear her say that but also found it sad that she cannot find one decent top to wear in the Juniors Department.

Then the bomb went off.

Looking completely worried, she said, "Mom, how am I going to find a swim suit this year?"  Yowzer!  That's even scarier.

I'm praying that we can get just one. more. year. out of the girls swimsuit section in Land's End.  She is getting taller by the day.  It will be a sad summer when she cannot shop for suits there anymore.

By the way, we did end eventually  find a top for her.  Thank goodness she is now tall enough to fit into the extra small size in the Misses department!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh! I feel for you. When my adult daughters were little, Madonna (the singer) set the fashion trends. Imagine black lace in the little girl's section! As they got older, they had fun shopping at vintage clothing stores for special occasions. Fun fashions and much more modest than today's clothing. Another big plus- no one will ever be wearing the same outfit. So glad Sally found a shirt to go with her pretty skirt.

  2. Oh gosh, I hear you. Although I'm not to that with Lily just yet, I am already taking notice though. It's interesting that even Lily notices styles and will say things when we are out in public 'that's not very modest' or 'oh my gosh, who would let their kid wear that?' Very unfortunate and sad. Surely there is SOMEWHERE we can all shop for our daughters?

    I'm glad she did find a shirt that will work and hopefully swimsuit will still hold out another year.

  3. It does a Mom's heart good to know that they are listening to what we say! Good for your girls for going against the grain. It agree, it is very frustrating shopping for girls these days. I so miss the Oshkosh stretch pants and swing shirts they wore when they were little! We have the best luck sticking to plain t-shirts, cardigans, and most athletic style options. Marney (11) just discovered the women's XS at Landsend their crew neck T's fit great and come in cute colors. It's out there, it just takes forever to find, and lot's of creativity, unfortunately. For bathing suits we have stuck with athletic brands like Speedo, they actually stay covered! Good luck, and keep us updated if you find any hidden gems. Your girls always look cute!

  4. I do know how you feel. Katie buys her clothes at Modesty Apparel.
    I don't know whether they have sizes to fit her, but modest swimsuits can be bought here...
    Hope that helps. I have been where you are right now. Dating is a difficult issue as well.

  5. I so know what you mean and am dreading the days that my girls can't fit into anything from Gymboree (M is almost there). Even little girls styles are trampy....and don't get me started on sleeveless dresses (even if you leave the modesty aside, they are COLD and require a purchase of a cute sweater that then covers up the dress anyway!) We have been very pleased with the Land's End suits...I was hoping they would just go straight from the girls to the women's!?
    I have found some tops for layering called Modbod...I get them at costco but I think they are online. They do cami's and sleeves and they make good cover under skimpy tops (long enough, and good necklines) I think they have some kids sizes, but a women's extra small might work too!

  6. It sure must be discouraging shopping for modest clothes for your growing daughters when the name of the game (secular game/fashion industry) is to encourage girls and young ladies to bare their bodies. We as mothers will have to continue to focus our daughters on the pure things, because with so much immodesty in our faces everyday, it can be easy for our daughters to become confused. I've seen blog buttons on the sides of moms' blogs that advertise modesty in dress. I should look more closely at those, because soon I will face this with my own daughter.

  7. I haven't had to deal with this too much yet as Sarah is only 8 and small for her age, but it will happen soon enough. Even with the little girl stuff sometimes the shorts are so short! I would think you would be able to go from the girl swim suits at Land's End to the misses with no problem. Good luck, this certainly is frustrating!!

  8. Thank you for the suggestions on where else to look. Isn't it sad that we have to hunt or be creative to find modest clothing?!

  9. Yep, we are nearly in the same boat! The "skinny" jeans drive me crazy...especially making my 9 year old feel bad because she has a round and thicker body shape. Keep me posted about any good finds! Great post to share info:)

  10. This is something I struggled with growing up and continue to struggle with!! I am so sorry your daughter is having to deal with it. I have been using a website I buy all my undershirts from them (for length) and they have some really cute dresses. I don't know if your daughter is quite to their sizing yet, but for the future! Good Luck!!

    P.S. I love your blog I stumbled upon it from my mom Laurie @keeping it simple :)

    1. Thanks, Shauna! I just found a moment to look at that website you recommended and I really like it!

  11. I bet it is hard to find decent clothes for young girls these days. Heck, it's hard to find something decent for us old people, too! I've been having the hardest time finding blouses. I really don't want what little bit I have to be showing to my kids during school! (TMI???)


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