Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is SO hard to focus on school with such a sweet distraction!

She works so hard to get a little, teeny tiny,  pigeon coo out and then smiles at us...(sigh) melts our hearts.

We could just gobble her up :)

They call this Gnome Princess look...

They tell us over and over how they "...can't believe she is really here!"

They love to see her react to their lovins'...

And bed head just looks too darn cute on wee little ones...

They even try their hardest to include sister in their schooling...

LOL!  Just caught her in the middle of a sneeze.

Oh! How this little distraction is loved!  

~  Patty  ~


  1. That is the best distraction I've ever seen! Or should I say cutest? Love that scene with Stan leaning over the couch:) It is such a surreal experience of baby being in the womb for so long and suddenly just in your daily life. What a blessing for siblings to experience!

  2. What awesome pictures! Looks like C is filling up space in everyone's heart at your house. She looks like so much more fun than school! :)

  3. Is Stan teaching Clementine her letters??? She is so dang cute. i can see why it's hard for you guys to concentrate on school work!

  4. Such sweet photos! I agree with Kat, she's much more fun than school :)

  5. Oh, how sweet!!!! It looks like everyone is in "HEAVEN" with the Princess Gnome (I love that photo the best......actually, I love all of them!!!!!)

  6. Oh my goodness! She looks like she is growing FAST! So adorable and sweet!

  7. She is so cute! You do a beautiful job capturing those sweet moments! I'm sure you are all loving her up!


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