Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Breakin' Out

It's been quite a while since we got the heck out of dodge!

(Dodge being our home :)

Six months in fact.

Actually, that is not true.  

Do you recall the Barney and Fire Safety episode?  That was filmed in our neighboring town, Frisco, the Frisco Fire Safety Town.  

Cool, huh?

My friend Marianne drove Stan and Mabel there for a field trip last week.  (We were there a few years ago but it is good for the little Littles to have a refresher course!)

So back to our break out today...

We packed our lunches and headed out the door to ::

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park, (home of the Cotton Bowl and Texas State Fair)

First Stop - Sting Ray Bay.

Where we fed and pet the sting rays.

(Check out Sally's expression in the second row as she went first to feed the rays!)

We also watched the different sharks and more rays in the big tank.

And imagined that we caught  The Big One!

Next Stop - "Miniature" Tide Pool

We recalled...learned...and touched sea life.

Third - Salt Water World

(There's just something so fascinating about "watching" jelly fish, isn't there?)

Finally - Fresh Water World.

We were able to bring in our picnic lunch.  (Love when places allow that!)   And Miss Clementine slept the entire time!  Two big bonuses!!  

The Littles were excited about how much "fun" they had.  I enjoyed how much they learned - and - how the "real life,  hands on" experience added to their science at home.

Love these kind of field trips, don't you?

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sounds like a great day full of learning. I bet it feel good to get out there again. I ush myself when I have a newborn, I don't want the other ones to miss out. I become a better mom in some ways. I love feeling like I have it all together well enough to pull off an outing with a beautiful baby in toe.

  2. Aren't aquariums just magical? I always feel like I am visiting another world when I watch the Jellies. The Rays at our aquarium are rarely that cooperative! And those sharks... I wish we could have joined you. What a great day together with all of your kiddos. They really do look like they are having fun!

  3. Yay, good for you! What fun photos...Doesn't everyone love a shark? Oh yes, jelly fish are one of our favorites too. So happy to hear you had a stress-free outing. How sweet of Clementine to help you breeze through it all:)

  4. wow, what an awesome field trip you all had. and everyone is in t-shirts. the weather must be wonderful where you are!!

  5. I love those field trips too, and it's been a while for us as well. As the weather gets nicer again it's time to get out of the house! Glad you enjoyed your day out.

  6. AWESOME photos, especially of the sharks. Looks like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Glad y'all were able to get out for a change of scenery! Looks like a good time!


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