Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Around Our Home...

Things are progressing.

~ I find that my bed is made more often than not.

~  You'll find me dressed by noon.  (I will miss those lazy pj days :)

~ Schooling takes place at their desks upstairs rather than on the couch.


Thought these two pictures would make you smile...

Possibly our future shoe diva?


~ Sleep?  Well, we are tipping the scales -slowly- in the right direction.  Clementine had a few 7 hour stretches of sleep during the night this past week.

~ The kids were so excited to introduce Clementine to their friends when we started back at Little Flowers and Little Women.    A very proud moment for the Littles!


These two went to a customer's ranch with David one afternoon.  They played with the animals while he worked.

A rainy week brought our first rainbow of the season.  It was huge, vibrant and a double!

(Could not get it all in from where I was standing.)


~  Lent.  I stopped feeling guilty for "failing" my resolutions more often than not.  Life with a newborn is a bit more....shall I say, time consuming?

Note:  never give up sweets during Lent while you have a newborn in the house.  There are too many moments where the only thing that keeps you from going crazy from lack of sleep is popping something sweet into your mouth and savoring it!  (Yes, I needed to rethink things a couple weeks into Lent!)


Boys Day Out.

David took Stan bow fishing the other day.

More pictures to come from their excellent adventure!

P.S.  I've put some of these photos on FB...I apologize for the repeats :)


~  I want to invite you to pray the Divine Mercy Novena with me and millions of Catholics around the world starting Good Friday.

This is my favorite novena, introduced to me by a good friend when my father was dying.

I'm part of a Catholic online community that consists of over 10,000 members.  We receive the prayers via email each day of each novena that is currently being prayed.  For the Divine Mercy novena, the goal is to have 20,000 members praying together.  It is so convenient and I never forget a day since I check my email each day!

You can find out more or sign up here.


Hope the rest of your week is wonderful and that your Lenten journey continues to be fruitful!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Glad to hear you are getting some more sleep! And yes, life with a newborn is your Lent this year :)

  2. Stan caught quite the fish!!!

    I will be joining you in the novena! Thanks for the tip!

  3. on the couch - that's life at my house right now! Glad to hear that you're moving out of that and back into regular routine again.

  4. Life with a newborn AND lack of sleep certainly is Lent enough. And sweets? Yes, they are necessary for survival these days. Just a little goes a long way :)

    Thinking of you as you slowly move back into normal routine and life.

  5. is that a real fish in the photo with Stan?? oh my. I love C's booties. and those soft little legs. your girls are having fun! the demands of a newborn baby on her momma, even though momma may love the demands, definitely count as Lenten practices! :)


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