Thursday, March 29, 2012

Around Our Home - Update

3 nights in the ER since last Saturday.

Night #1 - Sally...appendix?...sent home...told muscular thing.
Night #2 - Sally...same pain...ended up a big intestinal thing.  (On the mend!)
Night #3 - David...Kidney stone.

The new Baylor hospital being built one mile from home?  Not opening till July?  Shoot!  They could have waited to get sick and I could have just pushed them down the hill in a wagon!

Just joking.

I am exhausted though.

Anyone want a rain cloud?

~  Patty  ~


  1. OH DEAR! That sounds like the kind of excitement no one wants! Hope they are all on the mend!

  2. Goodness!! Hope all are on the mend...we will pray!

  3. Oh, that is exhausting! Hope all is well and everyone is healing. Poor Sally, David, and you!

  4. Oh my! I hope everyone gets better soon!

  5. Rain clouds can be beautiful things in Springtime!! but I know what you mean. We battled strep throat here two weeks ago, and finally we're healthy. Prayers for Sally and David!

  6. Just playing catch up on blog reading...I hope everyone is feeling much better and the rain cloud passes on by. Sending prayers for speedy recoveries.

  7. Oh no, Patty! Somehow I missed this post until now. SO sorry to hear about all of this:( Is everyone feeling better now? One thing about rain clouds is that they are always followed by sunshine:) I will keep you all in my prayers...Great chuckle about the wagon! Love your sense of humor. Doesn't laughing keep us sane?


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