Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Win Some. Lose Some.

I'm sitting here typing this sooooo tired.

So why aren't I heading to bed?  Because I just want this one moment of the day (beside a bathroom break) to be doing something therapeutic for myself.

Win some.

At my two week check up I had lost ALL my pregnancy weight.  All of it!

It was the only pleasant, unexpected, post-partum surprise to fall on me.

Lose some.

Well, I lost some of  "the girls"  along with it.  Not some.  A lot!  LOL

That's never happened before.  And let me tell you...I didn't have much in bragging rights to begin with.

You know it's bad when you hold the baby up to your chest and your bra caves in...yup.

Time for some new bras I guess.  That.  Or share with Sally.  LOL

Lose some.

Prior to losing the weight...

Five days post-partum...

David drove myself and Clementine to the parish office to turn in some paperwork for her baptism.  A sweet, elderly woman, who volunteers a lot of her time, came up to me and said...

"Congratulations....She's beautiful...yadda yadda yadda..."  Then she points to my still poochy and swollen stomach and says...

"So, is that left overs?  Is that a twin in there?"

All I could do was laugh.

Until I got home.

By then, her words had echoed through my head a bazillion times.

All of  a sudden, I did not  like that woman anymore.

Then I got over it.

Win some.

So we have this beautiful miracle.  It's been over one month now.  Still in babymoon here.

Lose some.


No foolin', right?

Around 4am she gets up...not sure what she wants.  We hold, we rock, we cuddle, we bring into bed...barely able to keep even one eye open.

Just when we think we are going to die from exhaustion, Clementine decides to head back to sleep at 6:30-7:00am.

Bedtime for me, too?


That's when the rest of the Littles get up for the day.

Did I mention that we started back at school this week?

No sleep  +  Starting school  =  Lethal combination!  LOL

"This, too, shall pass."

Speaking of school...

Win - Win.

The beauty of home school is that you can custom plan your day, your week, your year.

We are seriously abbreviating our 3rd quarter.

i.e.  Spelling.  If a child can pass a quarter test with an need to make them do the weekly work.

Win - Win.

So glad my Littles don't think patches on jeans are "uncool" - yet.

Heck.  Just add some puffy paint and... viola!  Instant fashion statement!

Lose some.


Time to pack away baby girl cards.

*We have completely enjoyed the beautiful baby cards that flooded our house!!

(We did keep up her baptismal cards though :)

Lose some.

Blood pressure.  Ugh!

Although it is a VERY. SLOW. work in progress, it is coming down.

Last Sunday was the first time I had no piercing pain in my temples or behind my eye.  I felt "normal".

Next check up is one week from Friday.

Win - Win.

My favorite moment of the week...

(Photo courtesy of Sally.)

...taking Clementine for her "first" outdoor adventure...a walk around the block :)  

Our spring weather has been intoxicating!

Another reason I did not nap when I could have.   Do you blame me?

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a funny and real post, Patty. I love that about your writing! You brought me back to some of my own memories of my most recent baby and those very tired moments. This was the only baby that my husband heard cry before me...I think it was age that made me sink like a log when I sleep!? I truly empathize. Wish I could say the same about the weight for myself...That is just fabulous. I really can't believe the church lady said that! She'd probably think I was still 6 months pregnant right now! ha ha Enjoy those beautiful cards and sweet moments that outweigh the tough ones, only by the grace of God. Hang tough, Mama!

  2. You look beautiful and awesome. thank goodness for your daughter and son -- I'm sure they are big helps for you in holding, loving cuddling little Clementine. We had 50 degrees yesterday morning, but then it turned cold and windy. Spring is trying to get here.

  3. Patty, you are so kind. I think I would have had to give that old lady "the look". You look marvelous! Sleep will come. Soon enough. Hope you find a wink or two this week. Thanks for posting. I miss reading about your mommy adventures!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that lady said that to you!!! Why is it that we "lose it" where it doesn't hurt to have a little extra???!! LOL!

    You look great and enjoy the sunshine!

  5. Told ya you looked fabulous! Remember - I have great baby-holding arms whenever you need a nap!


  6. Why do some people feel the need to comment on someone's belly when they know they've just had a baby? Or any time, for that matter!
    I think you look marvelous!

  7. I just found your blog...congratulations on your new little one! I am 40, expecting my 7th anyday now, at least that's what I keep telling myself.


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