Sunday, February 19, 2012

Signs of Grace

The gown.

Clementine's Great Grandma Achin (Grammy's mother) made this beautiful baptismal gown many, many years ago.

Two generations have worn it now.  It has a stain of oil along the neck line, a special reminder of the gift of baptism.

Grammy brought the gown with her when she came down to visit a couple of weeks ago.

The Morning Of.

There was something so serene about Clementine yesterday.  I noticed it in the morning.  She was so peace-filled and content.  It was as though she knew something special was going to take place.

She received a bath from Daddy before it was time to get into her gown.  She loves bath time!

Getting Dressed.

With age, our faith continues to grow.  With growth in faith, our love and appreciation for the sacraments only increases.  This was such a special moment for David and I, preparing this little one for her baptismal day.

We realize that she is a very special blessing, a special gift on loan to us from God.  

We completely enjoyed this moment together with her.

See what I mean about appearing so serene and angelic?

And she remained in that beautiful state throughout her baptism.

Her Baptism.

I just love the smell of a baby with Chrism Oil on his/her head.  I haven't bathed her yet!  Tonight I suppose.

Picture Time.

I asked Father if he'd like to hold her.  He was delighted. So much so that he held her for all the after pictures.  So sweet :)

We had a few of my friends attend.  Left-Right:: Elizabeth took photos at the church for us.  She also came and stayed with Clementine when I was readmitted into the hospital.  Kye, in purple, is our dear neighbor and friend.  Sondra is another dear friend who has been very instrumental in our care calendar (and so many other "little" things that have added up.)

A Small Luncheon.

We had Father and godparents over for an EASY lunch.  I needed to take it easy, but still wanted to celebrate Clementine.

David found these beautiful roses for $10.00 at Target.  They were all out of pink so I just added a pink ribbon.

With my brain being fuzzy lately, I accidentally ordered her cake with Cream Cheese frosting instead of Butter cream frosting.  Wasn't sure how it would turn out but everyone LOVED it.  Can you spell R.I.C.H.?

Used this punch recipe from Waltzing Matilda's.   I noticed that it looked "funny."  Only after the godfather was drinking a cup and in charity said he "liked it", did I realize I forgot to add the lemon/lime sprite.  Can you spell super C.O.N.C.E.N.T.R.A.T.E.D?    Blame it on my fuzzy brain :)

Wanting to make those super cute water bottles also found at Waltzing Matilda's, I made a note to self ::  buy water bottles with CLEAR caps next time.  Fuzzy brain again :)

(David and I prepared two new easy, yummy recipes for the lunch.  I'll post about them later.)

**At the end of the day, it was the sacrament alone that was most important, and it was a beautiful day indeed!

The only thing that would have made the day any more beautiful would be to have had our family present with us.

PS- We had chosen this date to have Clementine baptized prior to me becoming sick.  Not wanting to wait till after Easter and since it was a small, private baptism, we forged ahead.  I like to have my babies baptized as soon as possible :)

God bless you, Clementine!

Thank you all for your very kind, very sweet comments.  As though you cannot tell (*wink*) we cannot get enough of her!

~  Patty  ~


  1. wonderful post. i think God really loves you, He gave you such a beautiful family. :)

    1. Dear Sani,
      You are too kind. God loves us all so very, very much. I also truly believe that David and I were definitely in His plan to be together as one in the sacrament of matrimony. Together, with God, and through the sacrament of confession, are blessed first spiritually.

  2. Beautiful Patty! The day looked so lovely! Hugs to that little beauty! :)

    1. Dear Grace in my Heart...

      I thought of you last night and today when I "somehow" had yet another piece of cake :) I remember how you stated, "It begins with just one piece/bite!" So true! So true! LOL

  3. Looks like a perfectly wonderful day!!

  4. What a blessed day! Congratulations to all of you, especially Clementine!

  5. Heirloom gowns are the best! Our children have all been baptized in the gown that Todd wore as an infant. So special!

    What a lovely day for your family. I understand about having your children baptized soon. We are actually scheduled to have baby Gyver baptized during Lent. Our priest said that he could find nothing in church law against it and the grandmas will be here to help us celebrate.

    Your family is so beautiful!

  6. you've got to be over the moon with love for your new child of God. what a beautiful baptism. Joy Joy everywhere!!! a beautiful family photo too. God bless you all !

  7. What a special day! She is beautiful!

  8. What an amazing day, fit for Clementine's first Sacrament. I enjoyed the photos of Clementine with Mom and Dad, especially. Patty, you are beautiful and glowing! Father looks so happy holding that sweet baby girl too:) Your cake and party details looked simply perfect. Congratulations again!

  9. Exquisite photos and such a lovely party. You are amazing and I am glad you are taking off some more school to babymoon.


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