Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preparing for Lent

With  everything  that has happened around our house in the past three weeks, I've no time to plan ahead for Lenten arts and crafts (as in years past), but what I have selected I think will help us nicely with our Lenten journey.

For the entire family~

The book is new this year.  Heard about it from Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross.  It looks amazing inside and I look forward to beginning it.

For the Littles~

Something they can listen to and pray along with.  This can be purchased here.

And this!  Love this DVD!

*Prayers led by a priest with responses by children
*Children sing Stabat Mater in English
*Meditation for each Station read by a child
*Prayers and images ideal for the whole family

This DVD can be found here.

For the older girls~

This book is based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  You can find it here.

For the David and myself~

This can be found here.

Other books found in Catholic Mosaic~

Other miscellaneous activities~

1.  Stations of the cross file folder activity here.

2.  Giving box, Lenten calendar, and sacrifice chain  here.

Ash Wednesday is next week, February 22!  

I'm linking up with Lacy over at Catholic Icing.  Stop over there for some more Lenten ideas and traditions.

~  Patty  ~


  1. great ideas, thanks for sharing your books and dvd's too!

  2. great game plan! i purchased Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa. dad and i hope to finalize our plans this week.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam

  3. Hi Patti,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, especially about the 3% chance. I guess that is 3% more than I was given but still dr.s aren't infallible. I am taking a blogging break but wanted to say thank you. And thanks for the great resources as well.

  4. Tiffany gives the best book recommendations! For just having a baby, I'd say you are very well thought out. Even for not just having had a baby you are! A fun addition, especially for the younger ones, is "holy heroes Lenten adventures". It is free and you get each episode in your email box. I am going to look in to that "way of the cross" DVD. That looks very nice.

  5. These are beautiful tools for your Lenten Journey, Patty! How nice of you to mention me:) I am really looking forward to that book...It seems just perfect. Thanks for sharing:)


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