Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Normal (cy)

Is normalcy a word?

For the past week, we have slowly,   (ever- so -slowly),   started bringing some normalcy to our days.  And it feels so good!

Don't worry.  I'm still taking it slow :)  I have two weeks to go before my six week post-op check up where I hope to be cleared for all activity.

In the meantime, we've been doing a whole lot of lounging around...

and a whole lot of hanging out...

And dog gone it!  Since this is what it should have been like after we got home from the hospital  -  the first time  - I've decided to extend our school break another two weeks.


Who would have thought new socks and skivvies (a.k.a. underwear) could make a bunch of Littles super-duper happy!?

After months of complaining that their supplies were running dangerously low....I had them all packed up and out the door Monday morning headed for Target.

We were there by 8:30am!  We are officially on Clementine Time :)

The four older ones each came out with a new package of socks and skivvies (no- ride- up- guarantee skivvies) and happy faces.

Mabel to Ester Monday night after baths::  Hey!  Mine ARE wedgie free.  Are yours?


Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras brought us in the kitchen making this easy-breezy, festive snack ...

We only needed these items to make our yummy snack...

We found the idea at Catholic Icing.


David is back working and I'm flying solo with plenty of willing arms to hold Clementine...

and when fussy sometimes hits in the evening...well, this is how we roll...

and she likes it!

My mom use to do that with some of her babies.


With the start of our Lenten journey,  I found a blog that hosts weekly Lenten meal plan.  (I really look forward to some new and fresh recipes for Fridays during Lent.)


Heather had her baby!  Her family has welcomed a new son into this world.  Stop by if you have a chance and wish them congratulations :)


The daffodils and tulips are blooming and I see the neighbor's red bud tree full of pink beauty as well.  As I type this I hear a lawn mower going down a few yards.  Hard to believe that our southern spring is almost here.

May your Lenten journey be filled with prayer, peace and growth!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Beautiful Mama reflection and photos. Just love Clementine's adorable wrinkly forehead...wish my face full of wrinkles looked that cute *wink* Oh yes, we know that stroller in the evening routine...My Mom taught me that too! Hallelujah for a little routine to help Mama breathe a little easier. May your Lenten Journey be filled with the sweet peace of our Savior.

    1. I noticed more wrinkles on my own face and neck in the photos. Yikes! I, too, wished I looked cute with them ;)

  2. what a lovely family you have!! what a great idea to give the baby a stroll in the stroller in the house!!! that looks like a perfect size stroller too -- nice and narrow to get through the hallways etc.

    1. Hi Gardenia,

      The "stroller" is our infant car seat and one of those universal metal frame strollers. YOu can just click the car seat onto it and away you go. I have seen them around and found ours at a second hand children's store. It was a great find for a great price!

  3. Beautiful, lovely addition to your sweet family. I love your festive Mardi Gras pretzels!

  4. Glad you guys are settling in. It's nice to have so many extra hands on deck, certainly makes life easier this time around, I'm sure. At least you know you can grab a shower without bringing baby in the bathroom too! She is a sweet baby. :)

  5. Looks like a perfectly wonderful week! The Mardi Gras snack looks yummy :)

  6. I'm FINALLY getting half-way caught up with reading blogs! glad things are getting back to "somewhat" normal. Hope you're doing well!


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