Thursday, February 2, 2012

Her Birth Day

One week old today!

~ Lord Jesus Christ, who said, "Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven is for such," I thank you with all my heart for the great and holy privilege you have granted me in calling me to present you with a little child, so precious in your sight.

(Our traditional "on the way to deliver / pick up baby" picture.  This was at 4:30am)

I was calm and peaceful.  David and I got into the van and as we pulled out he paused and said, "This is so surreal, isn't it?"

We could sense each other's growing excitement and a special bond that made us feel more in love than ever.

~ I praise and bless your divine goodness which has conferred this supreme favor on me, and I acknowledge myself altogether unworthy of this holy gift.

(Precious little girl almost immediately after birth.)

~ I bless, too, your divine goodness for giving me such a sweet and holy patroness and protectress in your mother, the model and exaltation of all Christian motherhood. -For A Happy Delivery, Mother's Manual.

David was my rock and strength the entire time.  We arrived at 5am and the action started almost immediately.  Paperwork.  Hospital gown change.  Health history, blood work, and I.V. work done.  We only waited about 20 minutes the entire time.  

Met the anesthesiologist and told him about my anxiety.  Him and his nurse anaesthetises were angels!  They told me that they would not allow anything to go wrong under their watch.  No anxiety attacks.  No blood pressure drops.  No vomiting.  No uncontrollable shaking. No trouble breathing. 

And they held true to their word.  Praise God!

I only started to cry once.  That was when I was waiting for them to come back and place the epidural.  I have to tell you, while they were working on me my hands were literally super soaked from sweat.  

Though it was the best placement of an epidural or spinal that I have ever received,  I was still petrified.

I was scheduled at 7:30am.  That, to this team of doctors and nurses, means "cut time" as they referred to it one too many times.  I would have preferred hearing "incision time".  

Dr. Behan and his helper, Dr. Thomas, worked on me for what seemed an eternity but in 12 minutes they had her out!  

~ Mary, my mother, join me now in a mother's prayer that, through the special graces of motherhood, my little child may instruct me in the ways of God:  that its innocent eyes may speak to me of the spotless holiness of Jesus; that its open smile may continually remind me of the great love God has for his creatures; that its helplessness may teach me the unbounded power of God; and that its first feeble efforts to speak may tell me of God's wisdom.

(Dropped off for check-in at the post delivery nursery. The process took one hour.  One very long hour!)

OH! The joy that waited this little, pink bundle of heavenly sweetness.

(I just love this picture!)

He had originally been very upset when he heard the baby was a girl.  He ran to his room and slammed the door crying.  The only thing we could think of that when we talked about being a Big Brother...did he think he was getting a Little Brother?  

We let him hold her first.  Look at his face up there.  He "got over it" as soon as he saw her :)

~ Pray with me now that its complete trust in me will lead me to a like confidence in God, and that its simple affection for me may bring me to a greater love for Him.

~  And so, in all these things, may I grow in a greater appreciation of my holy motherhood, and day by day reflect more faithfully the radiant beauty manifest in your motherhood, which God gave us as the model of all Christian motherhood.

~ Mother of mothers, Pray for me! -For the True Spirit of Motherhood, Mothers' Manual.

(David and his sister, Sara, who came to stay with the Littles.  She is also the godmother.)

~  Mary, I am so happy!  I, too, am a mother.  Thank you for joining me in my petitions to your divine son, dear Mother of Happy Delivery.

~ You were with me in my Bethlehem.  Thank you.  I know you are with me now in my Nazareth.  Thank you, thank you. -Thanksgiving, Mothers' Manual.

Post surgery?  Difficult.  Very difficult this time.  It doesn't help when you cannot tolerate many pain medications.  Finding the right match took some doing, but once we did, I've been able to improve each day.

(She rocked her pink poodle kimono  "take me home"  outfit!)

(Her first Texas bling! ;)

(My doctor.)

~  Lord Jesus Christ, lover of little children, grant your abundant blessings on my doctor.  For even more important than the task of preserving life is his task of bringing that life into this world.

~ Give my doctor a deep appreciation of the work that he performs.  May he even know how precious that duty is in your sight.  Guide his hands at all times, and may all their work be done to your honor.

~  May he even regard his office as a sacred trust received from you.  and finally, may he one day know your rich rewards for having striven earnestly and faithfully to help little children to come to you according  to your desires.  Amen. -For A Mother's Doctor, Mothers' Manual.

(Ready to roll!)

(First ride in the van. Hard to believe we were bringing her home!)

It took all day writing this post.  I thought I'd get it in since
The Littles are on their way to the airport to pick up Grammy. Oh happy day! 

~  Patty  ~


  1. she looks so serious and serene. my heart is melting! :)

  2. She is beautiful. Love seeing the photos of her with her big sibs. Enjoy this time with your mom!!

  3. Fighting back tears as I read...tears of joy for you and David and the kids. Our God is an amazing God!

  4. I am crying as I read your story...what a beautiful baby! May you all draw closer to Our Lord so that you can go out and bear witness to His Love! God is GOOD!!!

  5. I am just crying over these pictures. Gorgeous, blessed family!

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  7. my eyes are full of tears too. there's nothing like a birth story to get the tears flowing! your daughter is here! and beautiful! and so are you! what a blessed family.

  8. You are so amazing and sweet to share your story! God bless you (I know I keep saying that.. but really!!!) and your whole family. I can just feel what a special time this is for all of you. And I love Stan's reaction- I could so see how he would think "big brother" = "little brother". I am sure he is going to be the best big brother a girl can have! Thank you so much for sharing your joy (and your baby Joy) with us.

  9. Thank you all! We are so totally, utterly, over-the-moon, in love with her!

  10. Oh Patty... I am so so happy for you and your family. She is truly beautiful and you are looking fabulous! I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you! God bless you!!!

  11. You look GREAT! What a beautiful family! Love the picture of Stan holding her!

  12. My Joseph has had Stan's same reaction a few times. Last time he came to visit us at the hospital, he looked out the window and said, "That's okay Mom, the next one will be a boy." And sure enough, he's finally getting his long awaited baby brother! Love all the pictures. My girls are drooling over all the beautiful pink! :-)

  13. Beautiful birth story, she is just precious!

  14. The use of the prayers throughout your post is beautiful - it made the story so calm. What a wonderful read- so happy for all of you!

  15. That Mother's Manual was perfect for your story...Praise God for answered prayers! What a sweet bundle of JOY:)


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