Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello, Grammy :)

It is so nice to finally meet you!

(First time to see and hold her.)

I heard you give some good lovins, and after having you stay with us, I must agree.

(Sigh.....)  Your lovins make me smile all the time, Grammy.  XOXO

All the Littles were happy to have you here in Texas.

Lots of lovins went around!

My mom sure kept them busy.  (And they her!)

It was a visit of "firsts"...

* First time Grammy drove in Texas.  (She ran my errands with Sally as her co pilot!)

*  First time Grammy helped feed Clementine.

* First time Grammy played Wii.  (She didn't want me to show you those photos LOL)

* First time Grammy tried her hand at crocheting.

* First time the girls made Ranger Cookies.

And it was sooooo good to just sit and visit.

I wish we lived closer.

* First nickname.

And sister is sporting a new cap...

(Compliments of Sally.)

Grammy flew back to Illinois yesterday.  We now start counting the days until we can see her again.  In the mean time, we have so many warm memories of this visit to cherish.  We love you, Grammy!

PS ~ This song is for you, Grammy.  Oh My Darling Clementine.

~  Patty  ~


  1. I hope that's the first song she learns to play on the piano.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful visit!

  3. "I was lost but now I found you, oh my darlin' Clemintine." Don't mind me, I'm just singing along. Love that song. and love the next too -- is that Jesu? yes, it is. Anyway, I love the beautiful hat made by Sally -- she's got talent and I can see it was made with love. Stan sure looks happy as can be to have a younger sister!! (operative word being younger!) you and your mother look beautiful together! and I will have to try those ranger cookies. thanks for posting the recipe. are they so named because of Texas ?

    1. It's catchy, isn't it?! My kids asked the same question about Ranger cookies. Not sure of the origin.

  4. Grammy's are the best! They know how to make babies smile! Patty, when you get a free second, can you shoot me your address? I thought I had saved it but now I can't find it! THanks!

  5. Oh, how I sympathize with you. Our grannies are 500 miles away. Just far enough that they aren't here often enough! Hopefully she'll be able to get away and come stay with you again soon. God Bless! :-)

  6. Love the photos of all the beautiful children.

  7. What a beautiful post!! What a special mom you have to fly out and stay with you! I can tell you as a new (again) grandma that I can imagine how your mom feels being so far away.

    Tell Sally that the hat she made is precious!

  8. What a fun and memorable visit it must have been! What great photos! Will have to try that recipe for Ranger cookies too :)

  9. MY GOODNESS, that has got to be the sweetest post and photos! You had me in such a big grin with those Grammie firsts. Clementine is a "darling", no doubt:) Thanks for sharing your blessings.

  10. These are some really beautiful photos!! Grandmas are such a blessing. Will you be visiting IL this summer?? Oh imagine the possibilities!!!

  11. Oh my gosh! Such sweet, sweet pictures!
    Sally did an amazing job on the hat!


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