Monday, January 23, 2012


My nerves are getting  better.

Mass helped - a LOT - this past Sunday morning.  The entrance song was  Be Not Afraid.  

That was also one of my father's favorites.

After Mass, I received a blessing from Father.

All very comforting.

Girl time helped a lot as well (*wink*)

They used their gift certificates from Christmas and we enjoyed ourselves for the afternoon...

Ester chose a manicure. 

Sally chose a pedicure.

And little Miss Mabel had her first pedicure.  She was soooo ticklish!  

The sweet lady gave her a "free" flower on each big toe.

The girls and I have never done this together.  It was so much fun!

Me?  I had my toes and hands worked on.  I never realized how awesome a hand massage felt!!

Stan?  He and David spent the weekend "working on things" out in the garage.  Stan LOVES it when there are "no girls allowed!"  (*grin*)

Meal preparations are now complete.  I have about 8 meals in the freezer.  We will also be blessed with meals from friends.  (Our homeschool group always sets up a care calendar for one another in need.  What a blessing!)

*In the middle of writing this post, Jen suggested I blog about freezer meals.  So I thought I'd write down what I prepared.  (Feel free to skip over it if you want :)

1.  Chicken noodle soup:  Some neighbors brought a delicious, scrumptious southern dinner to our house last week.  We had one whole roasted chicken left over (she prepared two!)  David deboned it and I made soup from it.

2.  Vegetable beef soup.

3.  Spaghetti

4.  Sloppy Joe's.  (This recipe is on my recipe page at the top of the blog.  It comes from Jen's grandma.)

5.  Ham.  At New Year's, we baked a large spiral ham.  I had David cut up half and freeze it.

6.  Tator Tot and beef casserole.  (I NEED to add this easy, breezy dish to my recipe page.)

7.  Pulled Pork.  (This recipe is also on my recipe page.)

8. A package of frozen Breaded Chicken Breasts.  These make for a yummy, easy, hot sandwich night.

* And as I type I think about how one could easily freeze Chili or Pork Chops (pre-cooked in a crock pot).

Ripe watermelon.  That's what I felt like last Friday when our temps climbed to almost 80 degrees F.

My sister-in-law (the godmother of Baby Joy) wanted me to send her a picture.

Want to see?  If not, close your eyes and quickly scroll down (LOL)

David took this of me.  I had just finished folding clothes and the window was open and a breeze was blowing on me.

Sister-in-law text:   "Look at  Patty glowing."


I was bloody hot and turning red!  (Not sure how pregnant women manage the Texas heat during the summer months.  Ee-gads!)

School is out.  We finished up with week 25 on Friday.

Hoping to take one month off.


Just loving on Baby Joy.

Keeping up with house chores/cleaning really helps.

Much to the Littles dismay :)

They have been an ENORMOUS help!  I know how much they will be when I come home with baby.

Walking around Hobby Lobby (sigh...I just LOVE that store)...trying to get things progressing.  I picked up some cute arts and crafts for the kids to make valentines for when they do grow bored.  (Because I know they will eventually.)

Quick story...

Two years ago Mabel was making home made valentines for her friends.  She taped a blow pop sucker to a heart shaped valentine and wrote the words....  Valentine, you blow me away!

Well, she must have grown tired and wanted to finish and ended up writing....   Valentine, you blow!

You bet I saved one.  That was a keeper!

And for when I have my hospital stay for 3-4 days...

I picked them up a cute gift to open each day.  Nothing big.  Just one "I love you" reminder for each day.  I'll post about those another time since two of mine like to read this blog.

Almost 48 hours away!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Ahhh!! So exciting!!! You look great by the way. I'm jealous of your ankles. At this point in my pregnancy my ankles looked like freakin' redwood tree trunks!

    1. Dear Maggie,
      You had me laughing so hard when I read that...I almost wet my pants...and you KNOW how easy that is to do at this stage in the game! Thanks for the prayers all along the way and keeping my spirits up!
      God bless!

  2. You look fabulous, yet ready for it to be over! Can't imagine how excited you are. Please send a quick post out when you have the stats and photo. Praying that all goes well with you, baby and the children at home. God Bless!

    1. Heather,
      You are getting so close. Home stretch is a hard stretch. You continue to be in my prayers, always! I was going to have Sally post the news :) Thank you for all your prayers along the way! God bless!

    2. You're in my prayers this morning! :-)

  3. You look marvelous! So glad you got that special girl time- so refreshing. Can't wait to hear about baby joy.

  4. I think you look great! Good call on getting those meals frozen, it will be such a big help with baby arrives. Sweet idea to get the kids a little something while you are gone. Can't believe its only 48 hours away!!

  5. Oh Patty, I am just so excited for you! But I must say...I am growing a bit impatient and can't wait to 'see' baby Joy! You look so cute in the photo above.

    I love your idea of the gifts for the kiddos during your hospital stay. You are such a thoughtful mommy.

    Just a day away......... Hugs and more Hugs to you. And of course, lots of prayers.

  6. Mass, a blessing and girl time-the perfect remedy for waiting, nervous mama. I'll admit that some pre-labor/delivery jitters came over me this past weekend too. Overwhelming and emotional, but thankfully got past them.

    I'm holding you close in thought and prayer, due date buddy! Counting down the days and eagerly awaiting...can.not.wait to hear your news! {hugs} from cold MN are looking so beautiful! The photo of you made me smile this morning :)

  7. First of all, you look great. What an exciting time for your family, I'm sure the kids are bouncing off the walls! Can't wait to "meet" baby joy. Did you teach David how to blog, so we can get updates quickly?

    1. Jill, thanks for your prayers and sweet comments. I was going to teach Sally how to put up a quick post with some news. She may not do photos, but she should be able to get the word out :)

  8. You look beautiful!! I am so excited and happy for you! It seems like your pregnancy has went extremely fast, which I am sure is easy for me say since I haven't been the one going through it. ;) Praying for you!

    1. Dear Mama Ruby, Do you have a blog? I'm so excited to have this reply button on the blog now. Wanted to thank you for all of your sweet comments along the way. (And prayers!) It always is faster for the people who aren't pregnant. I remembered that this time around. God bless!

  9. you look lovely, and ready ! God bless you and baby Joy and the whole family! we are praying for you!

  10. Anxiously waiting...You look great! And you seem super organized! Thinking of you...

  11. Peace be with you and may these last 24 hours (or less) zip by! Nothing like a good girls day out to cheer a Mama those flowers on the toes. I am so impressed by all of the meals and great planning with the gifts for the kids! What a sweet idea. Prayers in progress!

  12. Praying for you and thinking of you and Dave and the kids! Can't wait to hear the news!

  13. Your trip to the nail salon looked like so much fun!

    Continued prayers for you! Baby Joy is going to be her so soon!

  14. I realize you may or may not ever read this comment (because I realize you're just a tad bit busy!), but that story about Mabel was hysterical! :)


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