Friday, January 13, 2012

Still Here

Except for a Huge surprise this past week, life has remained relatively calm and quiet.  I would even say dull, except for the surprise. 

In Mabel's words, "How come we never paint anymore?!" 


We will again someday.  It's been a long year but it will be all so very worth it in 13 days.


Now to our surprise...

Has there ever been a moment in life when you least expected, let alone knew exactly what you needed, an amazing gift that would equate to an outpouring of love?

A couple come to mind for me...

Gift Number 1~

Eleven years ago.

I was on my fourth day in the hospital having a very difficult recovery from a c-section.  I had hemorrhaged and needed a blood transfusion and on top of that, our baby daughter had been born with a heart defect that would need open heart surgery.

My spirits were low as you can imagine.

It was an early morning Sunday and I was sitting there when I heard a soft knock on the hospital door.  In walked a handful of my brothers who had decided to pick up my spirits with a surprise visit.

You see, they had gotten up rather early that morning to drive over 120 miles (one way) to visit me and their new niece.

It was a quick visit because one of them had a prior engagement  and so they needed to turn around shortly and head back for their homes. 

On top of that, (I heard), the surprise idea had come from them, not their wives. 

I never would have expected such a gift and have never forgotten it.  And you bet it cheered me up!

Gift Number 2~

Six years ago.

Waiting for "The Call" from the adoption agency.  That was one of the most painful waits I've ever experienced.  Talk about time standing still.  Months and months of time. 

I spent my time waiting in the adoration chapel each week asking for more patience to withstand the waiting game.

Guess where I was when we finally received "The Call"?    The adoration chapel.  How appropriate was His timing!

I'll never EVER forget my husband coming in and whispering in my ear,   "Are you ready to go pick up your son?"

It still gets me right there when I think about it to this day :)

Gift Number 3~

For the past week.

A recent gift for my family, in honor of new life, brought a whole lot of excitement to this house (as if there weren't enough already!)  A gift that arrived in waves throughout the course of a week which reflected the theme of The Epiphany, or The Magi.  A gift that poured down lots of that will leave residual effects for a very long time!  A gift that will never, ever be forgotten.

This was a gift that would send our spirits souring, especially this mama, and make us feel so very, very special.

I pray that all of you have had these moments in your own life.  They are not always gifts of the material kind, but a gift that sends your spirits soaring to those heavenly heights!  They are not gifts that are "better than" other gifts....but gifts that bring to you what He knows you need at that particular moment in life.


And so it is another weekend. 

We've been watching the weather for those of you up in the Midwest and Northeast.  Brrrr...

My Littles are jealous of your snow.  But our temps cooled off enough yesterday as to bring rosy cheeks and a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows.


May you all have a wonderful weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I was about to send out a search party! I can go weeks without posting, but YOU are not allowed to go days! ;)
    Love the stories of your gifts, but now I am curious about gift three!

  2. You will soon have another one of those gifts, I feel in my heart.
    We haven't gotten snow yet...only just a tease of a dusting that was rained away.
    I hope you and your lovely family have another lovely week.

  3. Oh Carol (LOL) I'm sorry I worried you! You are too sweet! No search party needed...just a due date (wink).

    The big surprise...where I know my blog is my own personal space, I would never want to make someone feel bad, or come across boasting at the risk of hurting someone's feelings.

    I hope that makes sense?

    It was something very special that was given to us and sent our spirits soaring. Soaring so high I had to talk about it a little bit.

    Thanks, Carol, for checking in!

  4. Totally understand! I will just let my imagination soar. ;)

  5. What a beautiful reflection of your gifts, or what I refer to as" little cups of grace"...God's presence, just when we need it most! Tears welled up about your brothers and I smiled big over that Adoration story...Boy, I sure LOVE to see how God works in the lives of others:) So happy for your recent Epiphany gift too. I can just imagine and feel that love:)

  6. Your getting so close! So glad for gifts that brought you a needed lift.

  7. I agree, you were missed! I know you are bursting with baby Joy, but we miss you when you are away. :) I was around for Gift #2 and can remember all the excitement with Stan's arrival. Hoping to share the "Joy" with you in Baby number 5! F.I.V.E. bundles of JOY! Can you believe it! Blessed to be your friend. xXOO


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