Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hi All!

I've been working on my recipe pages at the top of my blog.  Not done yet, (didn't realize just how many I had put up in 1 1/2 years!)

I broke it up into two pages as you can see:  Holiday Baking and Recipes (which covers anything that doesn't fall under Holiday baking or cooking.)

Still a work in progress.  Thanks for being so encouraging!


Had a check up today and it seems all that discomfort and achiness comes from Baby Joy being breach.  Otherwise, everything is looking wonderful.


Have a great weekend!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Good to know that there is a reason behind all the discomfort. Luckily you were already prepared to have a C-section and don't have to endure trying to "turn" baby. It won't be much longer now...I'm so looking forward to pictures of this little miracle!

  2. Oh fun...thanks for doing that. I'm looking for good, new recipes and I always love the ones you post. Can't wait for your baby to get's getting close!

  3. Thank you, Patty! Our prayers continue for you and Baby Joy:)

  4. You do have a ton of good recipes! Thanks for taking the time to organize them :)

  5. Love they way you have them organized. Thank you. I have a few of them on my "to make" list".


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