Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Thoughts

My goodness. 

I have had so many thoughts rambling through my brain these past couple of days. 

Trying to reflect on the past year and what is to come this new year...a lot of static up there in that space known as my brain.

*  January is here.  Baby Joy will be born in January.  Not too long ago, January seemed so very, very far away.

* A new year which means more distance placed between the last time I  spoke with or hugged my father, and now.  One never "gets use to" that.  I do not like adding another year to his death anniversary.  Nope.

* Baby Joy will be the first of my children to never have met my father.  This will make the third grandchild that has never met Poppy.

I quickly brush the last two thoughts aside since I know that I will confront them once more in the near future.


New Year's resolutions...

* A couple of friends posted about Jeff Cavins and how to make your resolutions stick by making them "spiritual resolutions".  I mentioned it was the  just  retooling I needed on my spiritual compass.

I really encourage you to read the article.


*  Saint of the Year for my family in 2012.  What a beautiful tradition!  You should check it out.


Wrapping things up here, I wanted to share two funny sayings I learned this year...

1.  When a woman can't stop complaining or whining::

"Sweetie, it's time to get your big girl panties on."

2.  When someone is steaming mad about something and you think you can talk to them::

"Stay away from that charcoal till it cools."


As the clock keeps ticking away we will be starting back into school today.  This means peace and busyness for the Littles.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Happy New Year! I need the "big girl pants" reminder often!

  2. happy New Year Patty. I saw the reference to Jeff Caven's article at Tiffany's blog. It's a great article. Think of the reunion when your father does meet his grandchildren on that beautiful day in heaven. and my, all the stories you can tell Bay Joy about Poppy in the meantime.

  3. Great reflection, Patty. Loved and recommend that Jeff Cavins article too:) I think I liked the Integrated Catholic article just as well...They are both great. Printed the Integrated Catholic one for Hank to ponder:) New Years is always a tough balance for me to remember, yet keep hope. Hugs to you as you remember Poppy.

  4. I keep thinking about baby Joy! She/He is in my mind a lot. I am not sure why - has been your whole pregnancy. Maybe that means I need to come hold the baby lots and lots!



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