Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Favorite Picture of 2011

"Gorgeous"  (Jan 2011)


I was not feeling good this all.  Baby Joy is running out of room quickly.  All of a sudden, even three weeks seems rather far away.

I rested in a recliner with David's laptop and read through posts from 2011 and took note of something.

This time last year we took the Littles for a long weekend down to Galveston Island and the Houston Space Center.

The weekend was full of so much fun, excitement, and happiness. I had shared with David that we were expecting again.  Shortly after that trip, we experienced our fourth and probably the most emotionally painful miscarriage to date.

It all began on January 25, 2011.  (Baby Joy is due January 26, 2012...almost one year to the day!)

My pregnancy with Francis took us to our ultimate lows...soaring back up high...only to crash back down into a dark valley.

Life has almost come full circle and I have experienced so many fruitful moments in my faith over the past 12 months.  And to think some of those fruitful moments I thought I was actually abandoning God!  Looking back,  I now realize He needed me to  look at the moment in life differently.

Two posts that really stand out are  "A Dried Out Log". and "God, Mary, and Myself".

The emotion of joy only evolved out of sorrow when I completely abandoned myself to God.  And that was before I was carrying Baby Joy in my womb.

Kind of deep thoughts for a very pregnant mama who isn't feeling good.  I know.  But I think it is more like Grace being poured down from Him as Baby Joy's time approaches.  And how grateful I am of that Grace and of Baby Joy!

~  Patty  ~


  1. what a lovely reflection, Patty. I too have reflected on the past of my life and can see clearly only later how God was leading me in the better direction so He could carry out His purposes for me. Isn't God so good that way, and that He allows us to see later what He was working towards in us. God bless you in these last few weeks before the JOY overflows!!!

  2. You're right it is a gorgeous pic of a handsome boy! A lot has happened in a year that's for sure. Hang in there, only a few weeks to go :)

  3. Patty, kiss, kiss. You have been kissed by God's glory. I remember those deep lows for your family. By sharing you are also helping those of us experiencing lows ourselves. You are so selfless.

    I know that Baby Joy is zapping your energy and taking up all of your tum, but enjoy these last few "wiggle weeks". It won't be long.....

  4. Thanks, Ladies!

    Kat, if it can help another that would be wonderful!

  5. That is a beautiful picture. And a very hopeful reflection about some very difficult times.

  6. Quite a journey you've traveled this past year. What an honor it's been to witness the joy that has emerged, in more ways than one:) May God's grace continue to reign, especially on the countdown to birth!

  7. What a great photo of your little guy! He looks absolutely joyful!

    January is going to be a BIG month for you and your family! Can't wait til baby Joy arrives!

  8. That is a great photo! Happy 2012!+


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