Saturday, January 14, 2012



Missy's Peanut Butter Passion Cake...recipe found here.

It just popped up on my FB page and I was like, oh yeah!!!   (Nodding head at same time.)

And This!

Yum - my!  As close as it gets to the real McCoy  (*wink*)


Speaking of Facebook...Dear FB friends, you've already seen these next photos.  Sorry.  Just very proud of my guy :)


And... Last -but-Not-Least... This!

Teardrop camper that my very talented hubby built for hunting.  From blueprints.  Off the computer.  From scratch.

Cool, huh?

(Yes, I am the proud wife.)

It isn't finished inside and still has to be painted, but it can be camped in.

Side doors open to bunk room.  Back end opens to galley kitchenette.  (There is a wall between the kitchenette and bunk room.)

These two lucky Littles were picked for the inaugural camp out.  (Eating a gourmet dinner of roasted hot dogs :)

He has been building in any "spare time" over the past two months.  Piece by piece.  In our garage.

*Note: As they were setting up camp, another teardrop pulled in next to them and they had an adopted child from China!  How cool was that?  

Hope you are able to find some Love in your life today, too!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I got to show that to my hubby! Very impressive. How fun for your littles that they got to be the first happy campers.

  2. The cake, the cake!! Oh my!! Wow that looks yummy, eventhough I'm reading this post at 5 am...must.have.some.cake. Perhaps I'll wait until after I get weighed at the doctor's office

    What an impressive camper! Sweet. Way to go hubby! I'd be quite proud too. I bet the kids had a blast.

    My weekend LOVE is that hubby has a three day weekend. We all need his three day weekends.:)

  3. That cake looks awesome!! I don't want it anywhere near me, I could eat the whole thing, but it looks delicious ;)

    Great work on the trailer!!

  4. Oh, dear Patty... do not show such a cake to a dieter!! LOL! YUMMMMM~ Who doesn't love peanut butter?!

  5. We've been looking at campers lately, since the boys will be gone and we'll need something to fill our time! Looks like hubby did a great job! And that cake! Yuuuuumm!

  6. Yup, that cake is definitely over the top. But ANYTHING with chocolate and PB...I just love!

  7. That cake looks amazing! If only there was a magic pill I could take so I could have a piece!

    I am so impressed with that camper, despite not being a camper. How amazing that your dh made it!

  8. what a wonderful teardrop camper. I remember these from way back! the cake looks awesome.

  9. That is such a neat story about the people who pulled up next to them! I love when neat things happen like that:) Your dear husband is gifted with building skills! I have never seen a teardrop and we do camping with an RV;) Boy, that cake looks like pure joy! Hope you had a nice weekend with the older girls:)

  10. The cake looks so yummy. I might have to make it and ruin the new diet.

    Wonderful post, I just following you. I found you through Saint Padro Pio Catholic Bloggers.
    Check my blog out if you get a chance.


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