Friday, January 6, 2012

Future Fashionista!

The big girls have been busy. 

Crocheting with love.  Aren't those great little hats?

Sally worked hard on this beautiful blanket over the fall months.

I love it!

Baby Joy will be sleeping in our room for a bit.  Our bedroom colors are soft blue and chocolate, so Baby Joy will be having blue and chocolate as well.

God bless her - even Mabel gave it a whirl by creating this bib....made from nothing but love and busy little fingers holding onto crochet hooks and yarn.

(*Wink*)  I think she certainly gets an A for effort and for crocheting from the heart :)

I think all the girls get an A+!


Aren't these the sweetest little lamb booties you have ever seen?

Check out the backside.

Aren't they precious?!

The Littles saw them at a local Catholic gift shop (Two Hearts) way back in September.  I passed on them at the time. the past two weeks, I have been out  4 times....twice to church....twice to the doctor's.  Today I felt really good and decided to stop in at that store for a gift.  That's when I saw those booties and couldn't resist.

 The tag had the website  on the back.  (I did not see the booties on the website though.)


Oh!  I washed some basic white essentials I received as Christmas gifts from the Littles.

I  totally  forgot just how amazing  Dreft baby detergent smells.  I posted about it on FB and a friend said, "It's like laundry soap from Heaven!"  Amen, sister!

~  Patty  ~


  1. your girls are amazing!! (Stan is too, btw. don't want to leave him out). their crocheted creations are beautiful! and so full of love, I can tell. lovelove those little lamb booties -- did they make you cry, just a little!!!??? I would have, for sure!! :) the excitement is almost too much for you and your family, I imagine, but it's almost too much for me!!

  2. What sweet treasures your girls have created! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your loving preparations for Baby Joy. Adore those lamb booties and love the comment about the laundry soap:) Epiphany blessings to you all!

  3. The kids are getting SUPER excited :)

  4. Clearly, I'm hormonal because this post with itty bitty preciousness brought tears to my eyes :) How wonderful the Lord is and Baby Joy will be here very soon! *grin*

  5. That's some impressive talent your girls have!!!

    Baby Joy is going to be here soon!

  6. Oh, it must be so fun to have daughters when you are expecting. They are going to love on your Baby Joy...Definitely an A+ for effort...

  7. The girls did GREAT! I'm so impressed that they know how to crochet!

  8. Thank you for all the kind words on the girls' crocheting. They started out with a few friends and then just blossomed on their own through trial and error and books. I do not know how. I've tried and have no patients!


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