Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby's First Photo Shoot

Had to share these with you.

I decided to use one of these for a birth announcement.

The outfit and sheet coordination wasn't planned.  (Outfit came from Gymboree and sheets are from Carter's.)

When I realized her outfit matched her sheets...well...I  could not resist!  :)


Day 5 finds us drinking in as much of our  Little Bit as we can.

Older Littles are all on  antibiotics.  Doctor gave strict orders that they had to stay away from her for 48 hours.  For the Littles, that was like  years!!!

We had tears.

After all this waiting, visits cut short at the hospital, and seeing but unable to touch and hold at home...tomorrow will be their big day :)

I'm doing better each day.  I've tried to read some blogs but manage to get in only one or two.  I'll catch up to you eventually!

Finally, thanks for all of your very, very sweet comments.  It is still so  surreal to David and I.

A little blessing from above indeed!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty,
    She's precious! I know that surreallness that you speak of. God bless and keep recovering... all of you!

  2. Just amazing! That is the perfect birth announcement picture. She looks so peaceful and content with the world. Hopefully all of you will be well and your big kiddos can revel in their baby.

    1. Laurie, they can hardly wait. There's definitely going to be a rush on the baby today!

  3. Oh, how I miss those baby froggy legs:) Perfect polka dotted Princess! Healing prayers still going up for you and your whole family. Enjoy times with Grandma this weekend!

    1. Ha ha! I like that "froggy legs". I call them chicken legs. I love when they cry and are near naked while being changed and everything sticks out...arms, legs, and even spread apart fingers!

  4. Could a baby be any more precious? Beautifully captured polka dot beauty. Love, love it!! Glad you mentioned where the items came from, I was gonna ask :) Totally my style as well. I was just noticing yesterday how much polka dots surround Gianna and her room right now. Just too cute.

    Thanks for sharing the photos and sharing her with all of us! I bet the kids are just going to enjoy every moment with her even more after having to stay away. Keep enjoying your days and recovery. Thinking of you daily :)

    1. Sarah, thinking and praying for you dear friend!!! I had picked up both boy and girl clothes before Christmas while they had this huge sale. Now to return the baby blues :) Or, saving them as gifts?

  5. That last photo is my favorite....love the little grin. Beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing some photos of her with her siblings once the 48 hours are over.

  6. what a beautiful little life ! love her hands on her face. and well, everything! it will be a big help for your mom to be there! is baby's blog name "Little bit" ?? :)

  7. Patty, she is simply the most gorgeous baby! I know that the wait is so hard for your littles. Everytime my girls hear the music on your blog they say "you are at Miss Patty's blog aren't you?". Busted. (I usually read blogs during their bookwork time. :)

    So very happy for you. Can't wait to meet baby Joy"c" in person.


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