Friday, December 30, 2011

Sunshiney Days

For all that blasted, record-breaking, drought-inducing heat we had this summer....

I love being able to play outside for the other remaining 9 months of the year :)

"Mom, it's too bwight to smile."

And I even found some roses blooming (with a whole lot of buds)...

No!  It isn't like this all winter.  We have our cold spells, too.  But we really like the old saying in Texas, "If you don't like the weather, wait till tomorrow!"

Suppose to be 70 degrees tomorrow and we will definitely savor since I heard it will fall back into the 50's next week.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Wish I could say the same here in MI! Enjoy your beautiful weather.

  2. At least we can say 50 is "cold" down here....I sometimes wonder how I survived weeks below freezing in Kansas!

  3. what a sweet man you got there! I love talking about the weather!! it's been unseasonably balmy here. yesterday got up to 45 and we still have yet to have any snow. we did get a dusting a couple weeks ago, but it melted right away. it's been raining here since last night. if it had been snow, it would be several inches I'm sure.

  4. Enjoy some sun for me! We just got snow last night and the ground is finally white...more ickiness on the way tomorrow with ice, wintry mix and wind for the weekend. Guess winter had to come sooner or later :)

  5. We have had similar weather. Kids are out in full force on our Court! What a blessing to play outside so much in winter! Love those beautiful blooming roses...Our Lady is watching over you:)


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