Friday, December 9, 2011

Roses in the Snow

Earlier in the week,  I looked out my window to see the roses blooming in a dusting of snow.  It made me think of St. Juan Diego...

I was picturing him gathering the gorgeous roses blooming in winter time on the mountain side.  

To learn more about St. Juan Diego you can click here.


It has been a crazy week in the Hughes household for sure!

Discipline.  It's been a hard one to get control of.

We've had one child who has been on a three week streak of breaking, destroying, ruining...just plain not thinking about consequences.  Thank God! David was home to finally help my poor brain figure out a punishment that would fit the crime.

Looked to Dr. Ray for some help :0

Decorations.   I always feel under pressure to put them up quickly when I want to do it slowly.  Do you?

And nothing can turn me into a #1 grouch faster when the "pre-lit" tree has a string of lights go out.  And it takes three people 30 minutes to get that string of 50 lights off.  Boy do they secure them on tightly!

Decorations are up and done.

Crash.  And for the first time, one tree fell.

One child had too many ornaments on the front of that particular bedroom tree and it crashed to the floor.  One ornament ended up in the trash and a handful  recovered from surgery with a hot glue gun.

School.  We are on week 18, finals week.  Finals week is always the hardest in our house with quarter tests and reports upon reports due in.

But we are forging ahead.  My goal is to have 20 weeks complete before Christmas.  We should finish up by December 21-22.

I'm thinking ahead to my surgery and planning on taking a full month off to recuperate and love on Baby Joy.

*After my last surgery, I "felt great" and did too much.  I needed to go in and have my incision cauterized.  Yucky experience!

Feast days.

Holy days.

Dr. Appt. -  With many prayers, graces received from Mass, and even a blessing of holy water from Lourdes, it went well.  

The shot?  I requested the other nurse and a smaller needle.  So much better!!  Had to chuckle when a friend called me "buns of steel"!!  LOL

Clubs.  Little Flowers/Little Women.  This afternoon, the girls and I are attending the annual Little Flowers and Little Women  Christmas cookie bake and exchange.  We cannot miss this very enjoyable afternoon!!

Deep breath....

But  come evening, I plan on serving these as our snack...

(They were in the seasonal food section at Target.)

and have the Littles listen to and watch these ....

I also want to read to them this new book I picked up  for our Christmas Around the World theme...

So, here's to you... hoping that your week went better than mine, that you have a fabulous Friday, and a blessed and peace-filled weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I'm glad to hear your dr. appointment went well, as well as can be expected when there's a needle involved! I'm doing decorations slowly this year, mostly out of necessity -- just so busy this time of year. i try to slow down and contemplate the meaning of the season, and that helps to keep me focused on the important things. Advent to me is the greatest opportunity of the year to joyously love Jesus and Mary and Joseph !

  2. Great post Patty. Dr. Ray would be proud. That is a really good idea. Are you doing all that on bed rest? I often wonder how women like you, with big families, do bed rest, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, Christmas and manage to keep it all together. I guess you really don't do bed rest, do you?

  3. I love Our Lady of Guadalupe!! One of my favorites. Beautiful blooming roses!

    It sounds like you have an amazing handle on things. Way to go on the dscipline! We struggle with that off and on. As soon as I think we're on a really good roll, bam! something major happens in the discipline area. ugh. Will have to remember to try your approach. Dr. Ray would def. be impressed! Way to go.

    Your school plans sound perfect and ideal to enjoy that first month with baby. I thought I would last year with Gianna and then felt so good that I threw us back into school. It worked out, but I think I will rethink it this time around with two littles. Packing in the 'heavy' courses now since the start of school and will be done with some of them or have little left by time Gem arrives. May go with light and steady after Feb. We'll see.

    I was thinking of you yesterday. Glad to hear that the shot went better!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, what a week! Oh but that image of Juan Diego is enough to bring peace to all the chaos. What a beautiful photo you captured. Good for you in the forging ahead with all the school work too! Like that discipline idea, going to remember that! Happy Feast Day my friend:)


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