Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!!

OK.  I have to admit.  The feast of St. Nicholas is one of my favorite feast days of the year. Ha ha!  I think it's because he brings the child out in me :)

( If you are not sure who St. Nicholas is or not sure how to celebrate this special saint, you can read about him here.)

St. Nicholas came and left some gold coins in the shoes as well as a dusting of snow!

You have to look close to see the snow.

He also delivered a couple of new St. Nicholas books to add to our collection.

And we were excited to see two new Christmas movies as well.

We have a wonderful selection of Christmas movies that we pull out each year and these will make a nice addition!

There was our traditional candy cane coffee cake...

(Ester helped me make this super easy, super yummilicious coffee cake!)

...as well as our yummy hot cocoa with chocolate dipped peppermint sticks.  Thank goodness it was chilly enough to actually enjoy the hot cocoa!

(I pick up the chocolate coated peppermint sticks at Hobby Lobby.)

We also colored St. Nicholas pictures found at St. Nicholas Center, and enjoyed taking the day off from schooling!

For others out there who celebrate this feast day, hope you all had a wonderful day!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. We are having a wonderful day! In addition to gold coins (chocolate) and fruity pebbles, we were able to fit in a visit to a local nativity display. There were over 350 nativities from all over the world.

    Your candy cane coffee cake looks absolutely delicious. And it was very thoughtful of St. Nick to bring you snow to go with the hot chocolate! :) I had meant to add some books in this year about St. Nicholas, but I did not get to it. "The Baker's Dozen" is on my advent/Christmas book wish list.

  2. Happy Jolly Old Feast Day! Love that song rendition that you are playing:) Wow, a snow dusting...how perfect. I have yet to try your coffee cake but I WILL someday soon. Love your new books and movie selections. We took the "day off" too~Fun for us all.

  3. I saw on tv that it was 32 in your area! BRRRR!!!
    How nice of St. Nicholas to leave y'all snow! :D

  4. Going to add those books to my list. Happy Feast of St. Nicholas.

  5. Looks like a geared at celebration for St Nick!

  6. Happy Feast of St. Nicholas Patty! Love the snow dusting! Cute! Thanks for the books! I have to put them on my wish list since they look great and are new to me! I would love the super easy coffee cake recipe you mentioned! Can you email it to me or send me a link to it? Thanks! :) So glad you had a lovely day celebrating with your family!

  7. what a great feast day you all had at your house!

  8. Glad you had a nice day. I really like this feast day too. I wish we could say we only had a dusting of snow, but it was more like a couple of inches. The kids were thrilled of course, it was a bonus to their day!


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