Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I dreamt of what my family would look like, (size, names, address), ever since I was a little girl and what traditions we would have, (all based on either my own childhood ones or The Walton's...remember The Walton's t.v. series?)

My family size...close.  Half are in Heaven.

The names of my children...not even close.  Ha ha!  My tastes have definitely changed over the years.

Address...Love the state where we ended up in.

And Christmas traditions?  Oh my goodness!  My mother was a trail blazer for me.  Her personal touch could be found in each room of the house.  Her kitchen was always filled with the aromas of baked goods.  She wrapped a package that would make professional gift wrappers at Macy's spin on their heads.  (And still does!)

She set the stage for my childhood dreams.

I love to 'see' inside the homes of others at this time of the year.  Lots of oohs and aaaaahs fall from my mouth!

Over the years, I noticed that I actually use unique and gorgeous Christmas frames to decorate with.  And I LOVE that tradition!

I always frame the 'Christmas picture of the year'.  You can see that post here from last year.  I station them around the house where one can see a framed memory wherever they turn.

Christmas ornaments.  Sigh.

I just love ornaments.  Don't you?

I particularly like to collect ornaments from where we have traveled on vacation.  They bring back such fond memories when they're unwrapped and placed on the tree!

This year's newest additions...(insert drum roll...)

*  Last January, we took a long weekend and drove to Galveston Island and Houston.  We spent a day on the island and a day at Houston Space Center.

Look at this cutie...

*  Back in July, we took a few days and went to the Texas Hill Country to go tubing down the Comal River.  I found a Christmas store that had German roots.

I found these two cuties...

Our tree is filled with memories.

I have also found that many fond memories can be made by giving ornaments as Christmas, birthday, anniversary and even wedding gifts.

Santa delivers each year as well!  The Littles always find an ornament (or two) in their stocking on Christmas morning.

He has such great taste, too!   Knows exactly what each child is interested in that year.

Oh yes.  The Littles have their own trees in their room.  By the time they are grown and on their own....they will each have quite the collection reaching back to their first baby stocking.

Ester, having a taste for bling, needed a new tree this year.  She picked out this white one with colored lights.

Sally's tree has seen its last Christmas.  Shortly after she set it up, it toppled over.  Nothing like the sound of glass ornaments breaking in a heap!

Stan and Mabel currently share a bedroom.  We picked up a new tree for them at Walmart this year for $20. They had fun decorating it.

Until they are old enough to handle their tree, they have a smaller one placed up high on a dresser.  It will be fun starting yet another baby tree next Christmas!

What about Christmas dishes?  Do you have Christmas dishes?  We love our collection!

I posted about this really fun Christmas tradition last year.  I had seen it years before we had children of our own and knew instantly that it would definitely be a tradition in our house.

The kids LOVE to use them and get so excited when I bring them out on Christmas Eve. :)

With only a few days left until Christmas, I hope you are all able to find peace, love and joy in these next few days ahead!

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. We almost always get an ornament when we travel, though you just reminded me I never got one from NC. This year I will definitely get one from our FL trip. The boys each have a tree in their room, the girls would love to have one as well. Great ideas!!

  2. Hi Patty,

    Your little finds at the German store are so cute! I'm part German myself and have little knowledge of their special Christmas traditions. Love all the Christmas trees too... representing the interests of each child! Merry Christmas!

  3. I too dreamt as a girl all about the size and composition of my future family: 6 kids, including twins, all boys, hehe! God has such a way of bringing us down to reality! But, you know, this is the best I could ever want or dream of! Love all the little trees in each child's bedroom -- I'd love to do that next year, although I didn't even get all the decorations up this year, not sure I could add more to the Christmas boxes! Your holiday dishes are delightful. I do have some too: Lenox Holiday Neauveau. but they are hard to find.

  4. I like the idea of little trees in their bedrooms. I might do that next year.

  5. The trees are so fun! I forgot about the dishes. I still love the idea. I am going to check the after Christmas sales. I did buy my grand-babies the plastic plates and cups from Target for this year. So cute!


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