Sunday, December 18, 2011

Turtle Candy

Do you like turtle candy?  My mom told me about this recipe.  It is so crazy easy, Ester and Mabel made a batch together and then Mabel asked to make her own!

And for those of you who like just 3 ingredients (you know who you are *wink*) this is right up your alley!

Turtle Candy

(They taste just like a turtle candy.  Warning:  Very addictive!)


1 bag of round pretzels
1 bag of rollo candies
1 (2 cup bag) of pecans  *(we used halved pecans but I think they would be prettier with whole pecans)


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Grease a cookie sheet.  *(We used round pie pans with parchment paper cut to fit.  Easier to cool off in the freezer or outside in the cold for a bit!)

2.  Place your pretzels on the pan.  Place one rollo, fat side down, on each pretzel.  Warm in oven for 4-5 minutes.

3.  Remove from oven and immediately press one pecan down into each melted rollo.  Cool either outside in the cold air for a few minutes or in the freezer.  *(We made sure ours were good and hard before layering into the cookie containers.)

You can also find this recipe on the back of the holiday rollo candy bags.  

We thought these would make a fun addition to the Christmas cookie plates we will be preparing this coming week.

P.S. ~  I am starting a new page at the top of my blog.  I am in the process of placing all of my recipes in one place and categorizing them.  Easier for you all to look up any that peeked your interest.  Right now, I'm constructing the Holiday section.  

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I am a long time reader, first time commenter. I dearly love your blog, reading about your beautiful children. I too am an adoptive mom of a child of a different race. I am commenting because I am thrilled about your recipes being in one place! I have tried many of them and they are all wonderful. Now it will be so much easier to find them:)

    Blessings and Merry Christmas

    Kim Chrisman

  2. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your lovely, kind, and generous comment was a treat to receive! Advent blessings to you and your family!

  3. Those look dangerous!! Great idea to have your recipes in a separate page :)

  4. Stop already with all the yummies! I gain weight just reading your post! We made your Italian cookies and gave them away to CCD teachers, etc... I put half of them in the freezer with the intention of pulling them out on Christmas Eve. Well, guess what? They are gone!!!! Everyone just loves them. I am going to make another batch today and put them under lock and key! Merry, Merry, Jingle, Jingle.

  5. Kat...LOL! They are yummy, aren't they?

  6. Speaking straight to me, sister! These look simply amazing and love the 3 ingredients...oh yeah:) Had all my baking ingredients until now...these are a "must." Thank you!

  7. Oh, yes! Those turtles are VERY addicting!

  8. wow, you all are baking fools! they look turtle-iscious!

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