Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our "second" family Christmas tree we put up this year...

We bought a gorgeous pre-lit tree eight years ago.  Spent a lot of money on it.  It was quite unique and a dead-ringer for a real Balsam Fir.  

Have you ever had to change string of lights on a large  pre-lit tree?  It's enough to drive a sane person mad.  Over the years, I've changed a string or two each season. 

 But this year?  Much  different.

We lost five strings of a matter of days!

And with me in this hormonal state, it nearly brought me to tears! 

Picture Clark Griswald as he freaks out trying to get his outside Christmas lights to work on Christmas Vacation.  (I didn't kick and scream, but I did get pretty upset :)

Sally tried to cheer me up by telling me, "I kind of like the effect....dark...light...dark...light..."  

Last weekend we bought this cheap one at Walmart and transferred ornaments.

The old but gorgeous tree?   David took over 3 hours cutting off  the strings of light and packed it away.  Next year, we'll do the old tree with new lights.

This tree?  The kids will be using it upstairs next year.


  I tried to get some photos before heading off to Christmas Eve mass.  

(Sally took this one of David and I.)

I wasn't feeling the best and opted out of a family photo.   


Christmas Eve dinner for my family always consists of  home made vegetable beef soup with rolls.  It's nice to come home to that smelling up your kitchen.  

This year, I made a yummy new Christmas Eve dessert.  Peppermint cupcakes!  They were very yummy!

(I'll post the recipe later this week!)


David made Stan a very special present this year.  

Stan LOVES legos.  I priced out tables and about fainted.  Way over priced!!!  David use to build furniture and cabinets ....way back before the Littles came he decided he'd make a Lego table for Stan.

He gave it to Stan on Christmas Eve.

Boy! Did Little Man love his very special gift!

The grandparents usually send us money for the Littles.  It is so much easier if I pick something out and wrap it for them.  

We let the kids open those grandparent gifts on Christmas Eve.

I took this next series of shots when the girls opened part of their gift from Grammy.  It was a gift card to a nail salon.  They never go to a nail salon.  Check out their excitement...


I had actually found new "big kid" lunch boxes from Lands End for well under $10.  So with the remaining money I was able to pick them up that special nail salon treat!  

And after I had my piggies done a few weeks ago, I decided I am definitely going back before baby comes and wouldn't it be fun to bring my daughters?!


Christmas day always starts bright and early in our house :)   The Littles love to see what Santa has delivered.  

It was mostly an electronics year in our house.  


Sally and Mabel each received a new camera.  I think photography is such a creative way to express oneself and I encourage all children to have a camera....if they're responsible enough to take care of it!

Ester received a much wanted iPod nano.  She almost fainted :)  *We have to be there when they upload their music so we determine what is acceptable.  And their music library is under my password!*

Stan received a bundle of Lego's.  The boy was in Lego heaven!

Family gift.   We bought the kids our "first" Wii console.  

(Dancing to Just Dance For Kids - 2 )

You should see Stan in motion with this one.  The boy has moves!

After Ester opened her iPod and the kids opened the Wii, Ester came up to David and I and said..."Now we aren't lame anymore!"   (They've been wanting a Wii for a very, very long time! :)  We just bust out laughing.

Wii games we bought for each of them::

Sally - Wii sports (2 thumbs up!)
Ester - Just Dance for Kids 2 (2 thumbs up!)
Mabel - Mario Galaxy (2 thumbs up!)
Stan - Mario Slugger (2 thumbs up!)


Christmas Meals. 

I tried a new Cranberry - Orange French Toast.  Before I post it, I want to tweak it just a tiny bit.  It was so easy, prepared the night before by David :)

Dinner.  I've been serving a Christmas maple glazed, roasted pork loin the past few years.

It is so easy and fast that I know Sally could do this on her own!  ( I'll post this recipe later in the week.)

Feeling a good 8 months pregnant on Christmas day, I was in the kitchen at the last minute to sweet potatoes, no to corn, no to this, no to that.  I had little energy even with help from David and Sally.

We settled on this...

(Maple-glazed, roasted pork loin, cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes with gravy.)

David made the Christmas punch...

As far as a dessert goes, I cheated .  I purchased a delicious cheese cake sampler from Sam's Club for dessert.  Those are to die for!  Have you ever had those....(Sigh....)



As I was tucking Mabel in and wishing her a Merry Christmas she said, "Mom!  One month from tomorrow we will have a new baby brother or sister!"

And I have a feeling the days are really going to pass quickly now!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Merry Christmas, friend. I'm truly amazed at all the things you did for Christmas, the gorgeous looking meal, you even used the good dishes ! (and I love them) and the peppermint treats. Oh you are such a wonderful homemaker (in the good sense of the word!!) :) and the joy must be flowing big time in your home with the anticipation of Baby Joy on the way. Blessed Christmas!!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas for your family...good eats, yummy treats and awesome gifts!! :) You documented your Christmas so well--so fun to share it with you. My photos are hit or miss. Between me being so tired and Gianna being so busy, I was either lazily sitting somewhere or Gianna was trying to eat wrapping paper, crawling away, getting into something or just too darn busy to capture photos on her first Christmas. Oh well.

    Enjoy your Christmas season (and the Wii)!

  3. The nail salon sounds like perfect gift for the girls! They look so excited!

    I admire all of your Christmas preparations! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  4. I ended up making the pork too and it was really good. Have lots of leftovers for the week, so I'm glad we all liked it! Love all the photos, looks like it was a great Christmas at your house. You're right the next few weeks will just zip by :)

  5. What beautiful pictures of the family! It sounds like the littles had a great Christmas!!!

  6. Patty you write so well, I enjoyed your Christmas recap so much! Those photos you captured of the girls opening their nail salon gifts... Priceless! Sam at the Lego table speaks volumes of sheer joy:). I really like the photo of you and David too. Things turned out SO lovely considering you weren't up to par.Love to have that pork recipe;) Have a blessed Christmas week!


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