Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big Mama and New Year's Eve

Stan said to name this post Big Mama (34 weeks)  ~ LOL ~ out of the mouths of babes, right? :)  

It's already been 4 weeks since I posted one.  That means, the next monthly picture is when I'm on my way to the hospital in 27 days!

BTW,  I finished up my shots this week.  The doctor asked if I would like two more.  I politely turned down his offer.  (They really, really made a world of difference - for the good!)

Baby Joy is resting snuggly on every nerve ending I think I have.  I'm not finding the humor in the electric pulses be sent down my legs via the groin!  

In desperation, I tried some type of yoga move...guessing that is what it was since I don't do yoga...but it  had me bending over at the waist with one leg up in the air from behind.  

Whatever the move, I had a few choice names to give it :)

Then the girls walked in.  Stopped them dead in their tracks, I did!  

I told them I'm trying to get Baby Joy to give up his/her comfort spot so that I don't go around the house walking like the Scare Crow on Wizard of Oz.  


New Year's Eve.  

Oh my!  So many things on my mind.  But for another day...soon! 

Praying that you all will continue to find or know His peace and joy throughout this new year!

Happy New Year!

~  Patty  ~


  1. So cute!! Had to chuckle at the 'Big Mama'. Cute, but not true at all. You're just rockin' the baby bump :) I still just see a nice belly on your cute, tiny body. As for me, the belly may not be as big but I'm feeling like the hips and thighs are rockin' more than the bump. lol. I think I'd rather rock the bump ;)

    27 days!! Woohoo! I won't be far behind you...I'm enjoying having someone to share the joys (and pains) of pregnancy with. This baby is nice and low, head down and pushing on my pelvis. I don't think I can take this a whole lot longer either. ouch.

    Looking forward to 2012 and following along with you as you welcome baby JOY and celebrate baby's first milestones!!

  2. you look great, Patty !! soon soon . . . Happy New Year to you !

  3. Great photo of you and baby Joy! A most Happy New Year to you too!

  4. You look great! My kids have been calling me "Big Mama" for the past month already and I'm a month behind you! I am so looking forward to "meeting" this little one, as I'm sure you are too! Enjoy this last month and all of the aches, pains, and joys that go along with it! :-)

  5. You are all tummy, Patty! Tell Stan your belly is 'the bomb' :) hee hee Really , just beautiful. Hope you have a peaceful New Year's Eve. Rod is working so I'm going it alone with the kids again. Man, we are 3 for 3 on working holidays this year:( Just trying to count blessings! Looking forward to sharing in your JOY very soon:)

  6. You look amazing. Big belly, maybe. But not a "Big Mama." Happy New Year!

  7. Not big. Beautiful! But, I am sure to a little boy with a normally thin mamma it must seem weird! :) Can you find a pool to hang out in? With my last pregnancy, I went to the Y a few times a week. It was the only time that I did not have those shooting pains. It lifts all the baby weight. And it is safer than yoga!

  8. Wow, Patty! You look like you're about to bust! (I'm sure that really made you feel great, didn't it?) Not too much longer!


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