Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Reading Week 2

~ Advent reading week 2 - Christmas Around the World : 
Europe, Africa, and North America ~

Celebrating St. Nicholas (a bishop from Myra - modern day Turkey), we added these next two books to our St. Nicholas collection...

The Bakers Dozen (written by Aaron Shepard)

The Legend of St. Nicholas, A Story of Christmas Giving (written by Dandi Daley Mackall)

South Africa:  What's Cooking, Jamela? (written by Niki Daley)

This was such a cute story that takes place in the country of South Africa.  Little Jamela is in charge of raising and feeding the Christmas dinner, a chicken, whom she affectionately names "Christmas".  Well, you can imagine how  fond of "Christmas" little Jamela becomes and as Christmas day draws closer, she has second thoughts about what should be on the menu!

The book also talks about the Christmas customs of their village with a nativity, music, clothes and celebrations.  In the back of the book you will find a short list of words and their meanings as well as origins.  These words are used throughout the story.

The Littles really enjoyed that book!

Mexico:  Miracle of the Poinsettia (Retelling by Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R.)

I picked to read this on the feast of St. Juan Diego since we were already "in" Mexico for the day :)

Down in Mexico, little Maria is so sad.  She desperately wants to make the best Christmas gift she can and place it near the manger on Christmas Eve.  But everything she tries to make just flops.  On Christmas Eve, sadly watching all the other children process into the church for the celebration, Maria hides in the shadows ashamed that she never made anything beautiful enough to present to the Infant Jesus.  Suddenly, she hears a voice speaking to her heart which says, "Love is what makes any gift special."

She hurriedly picks some green weeds that she sees and sneaks inside the church where all the other children have already laid their precious gifts near the manger.  After being coaxed to bring whatever gift she has for the Infant Jesus, she opens her coat to display a beautiful arrangement of flowers that no one has ever seen before.  They looked just like a bright red star.  Maria's love had created a miracle!

The book uses traditional Spanish words and then explains them throughout the story.  In the back of the book you will find a story about the Christmas Creche and how the first one was made by St. Francis of Assisi almost 900 years ago.


Decorating our tree this past week, I came across all the beautiful ornaments that we've collected over the years on our many trips to Mexico.

Here our my poinsettia ornaments...

Aren't they pretty?

I'm linking up again at Jessica's Favorite Advent and Christmas Books.  Remember to stop over there for more amazing book selections!

May you have a blessed weekend as we prepare for week 3 of Advent~

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love getting your book posts. Though I did look up some on your last post and they were 99$ on Amazon. You have some valuable books in your collection.

  2. I think this is so cool that you are doing Christmas around the world with your Advent reading. Oh I hope to go to Mexico City some day to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe! have you been there??

  3. Great selections here! Many new to me:) thanks for sharing those lovely ornaments too:)


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