Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I love how the month begins with the celebration of the feast of All Saints Day!

I especially love the feast day Mass.

So many family and friends waiting for us up in Heaven!

Definitely one of my favorite feast days as an adult.


Halloween fun.  

We had a pretty witch, a Texas Rangers baseball player, an Anakin Skywalker, and a cowgirl.  

(Her highlight of the night...wearing lipstick! )

(She stayed home with me and helped pass out candy.)

(Her highlight was the lipstick, too!)

After a couple of days, they know my routine...each morning a little bit of candy has to go into the trash.  I'm sorry, but it is just way too much candy!

One thing I love about Halloween down here in Texas is that it is always gorgeous weather.  (70's and sunny.)



The first year we moved down here I noticed how people plant pansies in the fall and how beautiful they bloom throughout the winter into the spring.  

Ester and David planted ours last Sunday.

I picked up mine for 50 cents a six pack!!  Major Cha-ching!

I swear these little happy flowers actually look like they are smiling a big, warm welcome as you pull in your drive in the middle of a cold, winter day.


November brings National Adoption Month!  What an amazing gift this can be for your family!  I know of someone in particular who has some plans underway for her blog.  I'll be linking to those  as she puts them up.

May you all enjoy this beautiful day of All Saints and may you all find peace tomorrow, as we remember the feast of  All Souls Day.

P.S.  Stan whispered to me in Mass today..."Mom, when we get home, are we going to have a feast?"

~  Patty  ~


  1. oh the costumes are so cute! and handsome of course!! Happy All Saints Day. Oh and we have been throwing away candy too :)

  2. Great looking costumes!! Happy All Saints Day. It was a great start to the day/month to be at mass for this special feast day this morning.

    We freeze our extra candy- as it is not something that we normally buy, we let the kids pick a few pieces out when we have special at home movie nights. And, our older children, who know that we do this, will even pick some up take to the movies when they go.

  3. Happy Feast of All Saints Day to you and your family, Patty. Love the costumes.

  4. Super costumes! I hope you've been enjoying your All Saints day and feasting too!!

  5. Great costumes and reflective post:) Love those big pumpkins on your porch! Pretty flowers too. Hope Stan had his "feast." Too cute. Peace to you tomorrow, my friend.

  6. Well, it is a "feast" day, isn't it? :D
    Great costumes! Hope the kids had a lot of fun!


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