Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Year

A new liturgical year that is.  (a.k.a. Church Calendar.)

And it begins with Advent.

For Mabel's baptismal birthday, we bought her an Advent candle making kit for $12.

(It states for ages 6 & up...there's no way my 6 year old could have done this properly without a LOT of guidance.)

Ester and Mabel went to town rolling up their beeswax candles for the Advent wreath.

Didn't they turn out pretty?

And bigger than we thought they would!


It is also a new birthday year for my mom as well!

Grammy celebrates her 70th birthday on Sunday, November 27....Happy Birthday, Mom!!

 Losing a spouse is so terribly awful and sad and tragic.  I cannot imagine losing my husband, the love of my life. My mom lost hers after being married almost 45.

Instead of crawling under a rock to wither away from total heartache, she has chosen to be courageous even when it is so very difficult.   Facing new challenges and being forced to reinvent life as you know it....I'm not sure I could do that.

I'm proud of her for so many reasons::

~ In her late 60's, she has learned to drive herself to an airport over an hour away, park the car and hop on a plane - by herself....

~ At 70 she has learned to ride a jet ski!

~ At 70 she will go horse back riding!

~At 70 she can rock a cowboy hat (my kids LOVE this photos because she has never EVER worn a cowboy hat!)

~ Okay, so this one isn't new to her, but she still will occasionally will light up a cigar...a brand her father use to that has a particular smell that brings back warm, happy memories of him for her.

(Ha!  Ha!  For all of you who are gasping in shock...she lights it up and pretty much lets it's all for the smell :)

~ At 70 she enjoys a day at the beach with her family.  Cheers to you, Mom!

~ At 70 she still loves going into grocery stores even on vacation (part of cooking all her life for so many people!)

~ She still manages to remember all 26 grandkids (plus one on the way) with a birthday present and Christmas gift each year.  (We try to talk her out of it each year!)

~ And even though this week was a particularly hard one for her with her 49th  wedding anniversary falling on Thanksgiving day and her big birthday without Dad, she keeps on living with hope and faith and love and courage.

That's what makes her so amazing to me!

(Unfortunately, my family was the ONLY family unable to be with her because of my pregnancy.  Not being able to travel that far was a giant bummer for my gang since we haven't seen some families in three years!)


And to all of you~

May all of you find the peace and comfort in your hearts and homes this Advent season.

~  Patty  ~


  1. A very Happy Birthday to your Mom!! The Advent candle kit turned out great :)

  2. I love your advent candles! Your mom does seem like an amazing person...I see how you have become an amazing mom yourself! Pass our birthday greetings on to her.

  3. Beautiful advent wreath. What a great gift. Love your mom. It made me a little teary eyed reading about her. She's got gusto!

  4. We made the paschal candle last for Easter last year and it was quite a task. I agree that younger children would need a good amount of assistance.

    I LOVE grandmas who don't let their age hold them back from experiencing new adventures. God willing, we'll be one of those grammy's someday! :-)

  5. Love the pic of your Mom in the cowboy hat! Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  6. She looks GREAT in that cowboy hat! Even though I'm sure she has plenty of lonely times, she looks like she's loving life!

  7. your mom trulty is amazing! How blessed we are to have our moms in our life! Happy blessed Advent!

  8. I think your Mom and I would have a LOT to talk about:) What a neat lady! We made those candles last year but went back to regular ones this year, a little too fat but fun to do! So sorry you missed your family party. Your Advent wreath is beautiful:)

  9. Love the Advent candle wreath! So pretty! What a beautiful tribute to your mom for her birthday! She seems like an amazing woman to be around! You are blessed! Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

  10. This is the sweetest post ever. The way you talk about your mother is just beautiful. Just like you and your Mom. Inside and out!


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