Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful 4....

Among so many things, these in particular...

~   my parents, who would have celebrated 49 years of Holy Matrimony this day (Dad passed away five years ago this fall).  Even though my father is gone, their marriage is still a model marriage for my siblings and I.

~ For my daughters who love to cook and bake.  It made preparing our family dinner that much easier for me:)

(Sally made the apple pie all on her own!  Ester and Mabel shared in preparing the pumpkin pie with a little help from Mom.)

~ For  brave little boys.

(The day before, he came up to the garage and informed David that he was ready to take off his training wheels.  Sure enough!)

~ For Baby Joy!  God willing, just 9 weeks from today we will meet him or her :)

~ For keeping this idea from Family Fun (years ago) and watching the kids have fun with it this morning.

(I used  fall- colored scrapbook sheets to cut out a bunch of number fours.  Then we wrote what we were thankful for on the back and tied them to the light fixture.)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. We're just finishing up the dishes...I'm "resting" and letting the others finish up. Looks like Stan got the hang of no training wheels pretty quickly - amazing what kids can do when they make up their minds! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving break! :-)

  2. Your girls did an amazing job on the pies! Guess Stan knew the time was right!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Your thankful 4's are such a cute idea over your beautiful centerpiece:) What a blessing you have in your parents' loving example. Bless your Mama who journey's forward on this earth until they meet again. Wow, Stan looks like such a big boy on that bike...Looks like he has grown! If we lived closer, I'd hire your girls for those pies. They look divine!

  5. Patty, the picture of your mom and dad just exudes joy !!! happy blessed thanksgiving. God bless little Joy !!


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