Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He's back!

David was on an elk hunt in Payson, Arizona.  (He has a brother that lives up in the mountains there.)   Last night he was greeted with hugs and kisses as he came in the door bearing gifts.

This trip had been set up since last winter...kind of a 'thank you gift' from his brother.  We stayed in a holding pattern all fall but after assessing my stable pregnancy and feeling confident with it all, I told him to go ahead.  We literally waited till about a week before to go ahead with the plans and it all worked out quite well.

He stocked the fridge and pantry before he left.  We had a delicious lasagna dinner delivered one night from our kind neighbors. We used gift certificates for pizza another night.  On Sunday, I took them to a restaurant for a nice mid-day meal.  

I also had an emergency plan set in place with friends in case anything happened. 

I know he needed his get away even though it wasn't the best timing.  He's been working triple time to keep the money coming in.

Being self-employed, we have to purchase private insurance.  Having a history of c-sections, we are not able to pick up maternity coverage.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  

**What really ticks me off about the Obama Administration is that they are trying to force Catholic establishments to carry insurance that covers birth control and sterilization procedures.  Really, what is the matter with this picture when they won't force insurance companies to offer coverage to women already expecting?!  What a backward society we live in.**

We just finished paying off the very large hospital bill and Dr's bills from my miscarriage and D & C (from last winter).  Now we have an even larger hospital bill looming in the near future once Baby Joy is born.

Not sure if you all realize this, but being self-employed doesn't come with fringe benefits like group health insurance nor vacation pay :)

But we are not complainers.  God handed us this life growing inside my tummy and I am so blessed to have a husband who is pro life. This type of pregnancy can push a lot of couples over the edge.

I am very close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and know that He will help us through this pregnancy, delivery, (and the finances).  

My husband, being a sole provider has to carry a somewhat different kind of weight.  He trusts... but worries.  He is coming from a different perspective.

So this is why I encouraged him to get away while the door of opportunity was opened.  

In reality...I really, really missed him.  I will not encourage him to be away from us for a very, very long time :)  


A little FYI...

Winter Wonderland has the most amazing scent for a Christmas candle.

I order one each year from Village Candle company.  This one has been around for years and they only carry it at this time of the year.  

From the website..." Siberian Balsam and cedarwood finished with a hint of Sweet mandarin "


And a picture that I have to share.  This boy absolutely loves corn flakes with

 bananas cut up on top.  

Studying religion the other day....talking about how almighty God is....we

 also discussed how God knows EVERYTHING.

Stan:  Yeah!  He even knows the really, really hard guesses!

Oh to be like a child ...

Have a good night!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I did not know your hubby was self-employed too! Health insurance and disability tax (I think that is the right one) are killers. Fortunately, we managed to maintain pretty good insurance through my last three pregnancies.

    I am happy for your hubby that he got a chance to refresh. I think husband's burdens in all this (even "normal" pregnancies) are underestimated. Its good for all for him to get some guy time!

    I love the picture and the religion lesson! :)

    I think I am going to order that candle- I had a few fall ones, but they were not doing it for me. And I am a big candle person from way back before the craze began.

  2. Praying here Patty!!!
    Thinking of your email...we are getting old!
    My oldest will be fourteen!
    Enjoy those baby kicks and tummy waves while you can!!! It does go by so fast...
    Peace to all.
    Enjoy your season...

  3. I'm so glad your husband had the chance to get away and that everything was fine on the home-front while he was gone. It certainly does sound like there is a lot of extra stress and weight that he carries being self-employed.
    I've got you and Baby JOY covered in my St. Andrew novena. I'll add your finances and all the concerns that come along with it to the list.

    Blessings and peace, due date buddy! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on our financial worries. We were told yesterday that our bill was correct and that we have to pay, all of it. Our financial planner has figured out a way for us to pay it, so God has provided.

    It will all be worth it and (hopefully!) we will forget all of the money business once we hold our precious little ones in our arms!

  5. Your trust in God, despite your challenges, is a real testimony for us all. There really is no other way, is there? I am praying for God's provision and love to be showered upon your family! I am glad you're all reunited:) Love that sweet Stan smile and that Yankee candle sounds delightful!

  6. Glad David was able to get away...I'm sure the guys need some "me" time just as much as we girls do.
    That Stan! I LOL'd when I saw that picture!
    I got Sparkling Snow the other day at the Yankee Candle store. I don't know that I saw Winter Wonderland. Might be worth another trip over there to smell it!

  7. The candle is a Village Candle brand. Not sure who carries it in their stores anymore but it burns much nicer than the Yankee candle and smells divine.

  8. Love the pic of Stan and the cute response about knowing all the guesses. I told my son the other day the miracle of the wedding feast and a couple of days later he said, "Mom, Jesus turn EVERYTHING into wine." (Wouldn't your daddy love that, I thought) So glad your husband is home and now you can "relax" a bit. I love to read about happy marriages in the blogging world.

  9. Patty, I can tell by reading this post that your husband and you have a real beautiful marriage ! where you both respond to each other's needs and desires of the heart. God bless you both!


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