Monday, November 28, 2011


Too many choices!

Infant car seats.

It's been 12 years since we last shopped for one and SO MUCH has changed.

Not to mention sticker shock!

At any rate, I was mentioning to a friend that "back in the day" they didn't make the car seat/ stroller travel system and I was always envious of moms who did have the systems when the manufacturers came out with them.  Talk about convenience for the parents!

I thought about that route.


Now they make these universal metal framed strollers that you can hook up just about any car seat to and they are lighter, easier, and take up much less space in the trunk.

And it is less expensive.

Me likey!

My kids do not last more than one year in an infant car seat, (if that) so I'm looking to see what is a safe, comfortable infant car seat that is not astronomically expensive.

Ha ha!  I remember growing up as a kid, my family would take those vacations from Illinois to northern Wisconsin and my folks just popped a baby mattress in the back of the suburban and let the baby sleep back there.  We didn't have car seats!

Suggestions?  What have you recently purchased and would you recommend it?

Too much for the brain for one night.  Off to bed for me.

~  Patty  ~


  1. I'll ask my daughter! :) All the baby products out there these days make my head spin. There is some pretty nifty stuff though.

  2. It is overwhelming. Baby C is about to outgrow her first car seat and I spent last week working out what to get for her.

    For her first seat we went with a Graco SnugRide 22 and the stroller frame you mention above. I highly recommend it - we keep the frame in the back of the car and I love it. It's affordable and super easy to use. Very light and I can fit quite a bit in the storage basket below.

    Albee Baby has it for cheaper than Amazon and free shipping if you get the car seat from them too (i.e. if you spend more than 100):

    - see frame for $62 here
    - set for $109 here
    - car seats on sale here:

    For Baby C's next seat we've decided on the Britax Marathon - anyone else happy with this? It arrived yesterday and seems HUGE compared to the Graco she currently has.

  3. What a nice confusion to have! Where to put the new little bundle of JOY! In my very humble opinion, don't get the universal. They are nice, but when the baby is a toddler and out of the infant carrier, you will have to buy another stroller. It's a big expense out of pocket, but worth it in the end. Better yet, find a friend to sell you their old one and just by the new car seat! Blessings.

  4. I hear you! Isn't there a lot out there? So many choices and decisions.
    We went with a Graco (snug ride, I think)last year and we have no problems with it. I watched it on sale on Walmart's website and then had it shipped to my home for free. Prior to that we had Graco too and haven't had any problems with either, so we've just stuck with it.

    We still had our original stroller that was one of the nice carseat/stroller combos you mentioned (first time parents, we thought that was SO great). Not really necessary. We just used that one with Gianna, despite the new carseat not matching the stroller. I have nieces who have the metal frame thing and love it. I debated going that route, but then we just settled for what we had. I guess I would def. recommend it since it's cheaper, lightweight and easy to throw in the vehicle to go somewhere.

    That's just my input. Happy shopping and don't let it stress you too much! I say this because it did stress me last year :) lol.

  5. I should have mentioned that I bought a Chicco light weight travel stroller and LOVED it!!! I IMMEDIATELY gave away the big bulky stroller that I had used prior to it. It has been my favorite and I even kept it tucked in a closet these past few years after Stan outgrew it. This is why I also like the click n go one that Mrs C mentioned. Inexpensive route and I have my Chicco to go to.

    @Mrs. C. I'll look at that site today!
    @Kat, it sure is an exciting dilema!!:)

  6. hmm, no suggestions here, but what a joy to have to make such a decision!

  7. I recommend checking out the suggestions in the book Baby Bargains for any large baby purchase. They include great information. Personally, I make a quick stop into the local bookstore and read the section I need to without buying the book. Or maybe the library has a copy.

  8. From my daughter, Shauna- "We bought a Baby Trend travel set (it came with car seat, car seat base, and stroller). All of the pieces are holding up great!! It was not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. I think we got it for $120, but if you wait you can get a pretty good coupon or sale from Babies R Us."

    It sounds like you have a stroller though. Still thought I'd pass it on. :)


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