Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can you guess...

...what this is?

Need a hint?

I was trying to show you my new shoes...from my view...LOL

I gave up and tried it this way instead :)

Two weeks ago I picked them up at DSW.  Love that store!  (If you cannot find a pair there, something is wrong.)

My winter dress shoes are starting to feel a smidge snug and I'm all about comfort.

A hormone called Relaxin is produced during pregnancy that not only softens and loosens the joints around your pelvis, but also loosens the joints in your feet.  Your feet don't actually "grow" in the sense that you are pre-puberty again, it's just that the ligaments that hold the 26 bones together aren't as tight.

For me, my feet usually return to their normal feeling and size after pregnancy.


I went to the doctor today for my regular check up.  Can you believe it's been one month?!

I was a little anxious to see how things were holding up down there since I was feeling some "symptoms" one doesn't usually feel until well into the third trimester.

Good news and a  reality check :)

1.  Baby looks great! Around 2 pounds now.  I am 26 weeks, but measuring 27.

2.  Cervix length is very good.

3.  Cerclage was located (it is very difficult to see since it is so buried).  Appears to be intact.

3. Thyroid - normal (two in a row!)

Reality Check

1.  Body is trying to start some pre-term symptoms.

2. The old cerclage is not guaranteed because of its history.

3.  More "bed rest" is required.

4.  "Critical" period for cerclage patients.

I remain absolutely hopeful that I will carry well into the third trimester as long as I take care of myself and rest even more so.

I am absolutely surrounded by great helpers at home and great friends around the perimeter of my family.

And because I have all of your prayers, I KNOW it will be okay!

To end on a happy note...

I could see that Baby Joy has Mabel's profile (the same as Grandma Clare's) and appears to have a crown of  hair!  To top that off, as I watched this child move and groove and make me laugh out loud, my fears were kept at bay.  A blessing indeed!

~  Patty ~


  1. I knew right away that you were trying to show us your feet...mine are hidden from my view right now too! So happy to hear that you're both doing well and pray that it will continue that way.

  2. Love the shoes and the belly :)

  3. I have the same pair of shoes :) Lots of prayers!

  4. Cute shoes and they look so comfy...still trying to find some perfect feeling shoes that I'm in love with.

    Nothing like watching baby move to keep positive, a smile on your face and hope in your heart. Praying!

  5. Love your shoes, and I'm keeping you in my prayers all the way to Joy's birthday!

  6. Cute post and cute shoes:) I'm amazed at the similar tastes with you and neat! Still have you and baby JOY in constant prayer as you kick things down a few more notches. Hugs and I'll be in touch!


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