Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brainless But Present

I think my blood is flowing backward.

I know we are not suppose to swear, but I could swear it is.  Honestly!

My brain says one thing but my mouth...something completely different.  There seems to be a huge void where the connections are suppose to be.

Most of the time when I speak I catch my family looking at me confused followed by laughter. How crazy I must sound!

My symptom has a name but I cannot recall what it is.

No joke!

I do know it is caused by pregnancy hormones and I know my 'old self' will return afterward.  But for now, I suffer :)

Today I am 28 weeks.  I am officially in my third-trimester! Can I get an Amen?!

Back in June I thought this day was as far away as  Mount Kilamajaro's summit is to me in Texas. Only through the grace of God (and abundant prayers from so many of you) have I made it this far.

I am soaking it all up; every single move, kick, and bump.  Every single sick feeling, food adversion, ache and pain is being absorbed.

Okay, I guess I could do without the karate kid planting one directly on my cerclage.  Happened twice now.  David had to just about scrape me off the ceiling it was that painful.  And in the middle of the night during a sound sleep to top it off! 

Even though I let complaints slip from my lips onto the ears of my closest friends, I tell you I am enjoying this because I never ever thought I would be here again in this moment.  Praise God!

Went in for another doctor visit today. (Cue  drum roll...)

A good visit, but they are revving up the preventative medicine::

*Baby weighs almost 3 pounds - Cowabunga!

*I'm measuring at 31 weeks (and I'm only 28 weeks) - Holy Toledo! - Side note:  I have always measured farther along...always had big, hearty did my mother and my mother-in-law...only their babies were much bigger than mine!   :)

*Cervix has shortened but still passes muster  - Praise be!

*Repeat of the fFN test.

*Progesterone shots to begin next week....weekly...for six weeks.  This is a natural preventative for pre-term labor.

*Cervical measurements weekly now.

*Was told to get "out of bed" when I need to eat and use the bathroom.  Hmmmm.....that one is almost impossible (to that degree) with other kids in the house.

All in all?  Not too bad.

I feel absolutely positive that I will make it till at least 36 weeks.  At any rate, Baby Joy is due by c-section at 38 weeks.  That gives us a January 26 birth date!  10 weeks from today!  Holy smokes!

I'm in no hurry.  I truly want time to stand still for a little bit so to savor every single moment in this state!

Big thanks to...

*kind neighbors and friends who call and say, "I'm heading to Walmart, do you need anything?" 
*kind neighbors and friends who have stopped in with a dinner to help out....or a gift card for pizza...or a visit that brings a welcomed smile :)
*kind friends for prayers and more prayers, cards and well -wishes, text messages and voice mails to say, "Just thinking of you...You're in my thoughts...You're in my prayers!"

And just so you know, my mother said that it brings her great comfort while living so far away from us she knows we are surrounded by so much love.  So I can say  my mother thanks you all as well :)

Oh Yes!  I must this time of the year...thank you Amazon and UPS   (sigh...I just love the sound of the big, brown truck, don't you?!)  I told a friend recently that if David unleashed me on Amazon at this time of the year, I could do some serious damage!  Ha ha ha!

~  Patty  ~


  1. All wonderful news! So happy to hear that you are both doing well. I always have to remind myself what a blessing it is to be pregnant, despite all the aches and pains. It really is such a miracle that we are able to take part in. Do your best to lay low and ride this'll be baby day before you know it! :-)

  2. I've missed have not posted in a while. Glad all is well. Wow, only 10 more weeks! That will fly by with the holidays coming up. Hang in there.

  3. So it's not just me? Thank goodness! Oh gosh, I can identify COMPLETELY with this post :)

    Glad to read the update on baby Joy! 10 more weeks, that doesn't seem that bad at all.

    We can do it! Although, I will probably hold out for the duration. Going with past history, I will have another 12 weeks+. I could end up with that Valentine's baby after all this time around. lol.

    {hugs} to you and baby Joy from me and baby Gem!

  4. Great reports, Patty! Oh how God smiles to see us in moments that we never thought we'd find ourselves. I think I'M his biggest joke in this area!!! LOL Gotta love that sweet little karate kid who is full of JOY. So happy you are feeling God's love all around you...A tribute to the special family you are. May the angels continue to surround and protect you and baby Joy.

  5. Well, that sounds not too bad. Hang in there. Continued prayers.

  6. I missed this post too- which is weird because I think I got one in between.

    So glad you are soaking it all up! I also glad that you have close friends that you can complain to who understand.

    So thankful that you are surrounded by people who care enough to lend a helping hand. God bless them all!


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