Thursday, October 13, 2011

Win Some...Lose Some

Little Cowboy's new look.

By the way, the tooth was an unwilling victim.  Stan decided to use his teeth to pull the stem off of an apple.  (I think he was confusing it for the stems on marechiaros cherries).

Mom:  I bet you won't do that again, huh?

Stan:  Nope!

(We'll see.)


Rangers VS Tigers

Rangers are ahead in the series 3-2.  I told the kids that the Rangers need to win it in Texas!  (Although, it would have been nice if they would have clinched the championship tonight.  Drat!)


Little Cowboy never learn...

Fire ants love his blood.

(Notice his right ear?)

My poor baby :(               Don't you just love that picture?    So pathetic.

Me:  Stan, why do you play with the fire ants?!

Stan:  I wasn't playing with them.  I was trying to kill them.

(Stan, I think you lost that battle.)

For the people up north...yes, fire ants do sting down here.    Thank God for benedryl!

While eating dinner...and looking at Stan...

I ask...

Me:  David, who does he remind me of now?

David:  Alfred E. Newman.

We have begged, pleaded, warned (and warned again)...Stan, do NOT play with fire ants.  He never learns.

(We treat our yard, but not all the people around us do.  Fire ants will find Stan anywhere!!)

Now to put my little cowboy to the song says, "....his heart is a feather in all kinds of weather."

~  Patty  ~


  1. My oldest swells like that from mosquito bites! And we live in Texas!

  2. Oh! Poor Stan. I did not know there were such vicious ants around!! Very sweet picture though. Those little sad faces are adorable.

  3. Poor little guy! You are so funny with the Alfred E. Newman:)

  4. Boy, Stan was having a rough day!! Hope his ear is better today.

  5. Great post! Poor Stan! We saw fire ants while house hunting, but so far none in our yard. Hopefully it will stay that way, because I'm sure ben will in the middle of them if they are anywhere nearby. That game was a nail biter! The suspense continues...

  6. Go Tigers!!

    Oh poor ants are one of a few living things (giant bugs of various sorts) that keep me from wanting a move to Texas!

  7. Awww cute pictures but I don't like the sound of those fire ants. We don't get them here I don't think. x

  8. so sorry to hear of stan's encounter with those nasty ants. Like Charlotte, misquito bites on our daughter swell up to welts. We're watching the playoff games and are rivetted!

  9. Aaawwwwh! He sure is cute! I never heard of fire ants, ekkk!


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