Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictures Words and Music in Texas

Whenever the Texas Rangers win at home, the song I Like Texas (by Pat Green) is played loud and now throughout the stadium.    Thank God they played it last night...hoping for it tonight as well!

(This is the only version I could find on Playlist.  The non-live version is so much better.)


Yesterday afternoon...

I sat outside in my lawn chair with camera in hand, hanging with the littles...

Title:  Rangers Fan

(Chalk art by Sally)

Title:  Fire Ant

(Chalk art by Stan.  Notice the stinger in the behind?!)

Title:  A Meeting of the Minds

(5 out of 7 homes on our side of the road are full of children who love to play outside!)

Title:  Good Old Fashioned Fun

(Mabel playing hopscotch.)

Title:  Rangers' Baseball Player

...for clarification I pointed out the obvious (wink)

Remembering to be still and enjoying life from a child's perspective.  Have a blessed week!

Go Rangers!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love the scooters on the ground! We are getting Anna a scooter for her birthday :)

  2. oh I love Stan's art work. love that stinger in the behind and the hatbill on the baseball cap. too too precious not to keep forever!! and I love all the creative titles you gave to the photos and artwork. one more and ... and I love that Texas song. Go rangers. we are rooting for them here because st louis seems to always win.

  3. Your neighborhood looks like mine with all of those scooters. We are all enjoying this cooler weather and lots of outdoor time too:) Love that precious art work!


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