Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Texas Fall

I just  love  this time of year down in Texas!  Cool nights and warm, pleasant days.

We like to play outside.  A lot.  Don't you?  Our temps are now in the upper 80's and make the outdoors so inviting.

Leaf art~

Ripped this craft article out of Family Fun magazine some years back...

I sent them out on a nature hike to look for their fall foliage.  They came back and created.


FYI::  Land's End Swimwear~

Our subdivision pool just closed for the season.  I've been meaning to do a free plug for Lands End Swimwear::

This year was the first time I purchased their swimwear for the girls.  LOVED them!  Durable quality and modest styles available.  Sizes run a little big and go up to size 16.

Not on sale, the costs were a third more that of Target swimwear but the quality was far superior and the suits, after six months of swimming, are in excellent condition.   They definitely withstand the chlorine and sun!



*Enjoyed our fall break.  A lot!

*Following doctor's orders, we kept this fall break activities down to a minimum.

One birthday celebration this week.
One park day.
One field trip to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  Check this link out.

(So low key, I am, I did not even bring my camera.  On purpose!)


Picture Day~

*Was able to squeeze Sally and Stan's pictures in one morning.

Pictures are now complete.  Whew!


Doctor visit~

I had another doctor visit this past week.  

1.  The old cerclage is holding up. Praise God!  My cervix measurements keep looking so good that I don't need to go back for another 4 weeks.  Yippee!

2.  My thyroid level was normal...for the first time!  I don't need to have it checked for 4 weeks (instead of 2)  Yippee again!!

3.  Was warned that the next 10 weeks are the most critical for cerclage patients and since this was is a "used" one, I need to be extra careful.  

He does not have to tell me twice!

I thank God for the amazing helpers here at home.  David is now doing the grocery shopping once a week.  He takes one of the older girls to "assist" him :)

The girls really know how to maintain the chores around the house.  A wise friend recently stated:  "You are now reaping the fruits of your labor!"  


Sally helped David knock a couple of things off of the "Honey Do" list.

She volunteered.  Won't say NO to that!


Real life~

Yeah.  Don't be fooled by this post.   Too much quarreling amongst the tribal members lately.  As my mother always said, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians."

Praying that a recent trip to confession has showered down abundant graces!  (Praying that they know to use those abundant graces!)

Ready to resume school on Monday.


It's Saturday night.  Mass night.  Soup night.  Baseball night.  A good night!!

Go Rangers!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love the latest photo additions of the other kids!

    Gonna have to try the foliage friend art! Cute and I bet my kids would love it!

  2. Love the photos and the leaf pictures!

  3. LUVed catching up on your blog today. Great photos and great to hear you are doing well.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend. :)

  4. I can second the plug for Land's End Swimwear....and if you shop NOW you may just get some really great prices. I got some pieces for as low as 3.99 two weeks ago!!!

    oh....and, as one who used to live near Detroit and who married a man who grew up there, I must add:

    GO TIGERS!!!

  5. Oh, my, Patty! What beautiful photos of your beautiful children. They have grown so much since I have been following your sweet family. We have you and your little Joy on our prayer list. Your leaf pictures look like so much fun! I agree with you about Lands End swimwear. Hope you have a fantastic and quarrel-free week.

  6. I'm with Carol - Go Tigers!! but you knew that ;)

    I'm definitely doing the leaf craft, maybe tomorrow. So cute.

    Gorgeous pictures of Sally and Stan, really, really beautiful.

    I totally agree about Land's End suits they are the best. My girls have even been able to wear them for back to back summers they hold up that well. Their suits are modest too!

  7. that leaf craft is a great idea. you've inspired me. great news on your pregnancy updates. you are in our prayers. I love the last photo of Stan and the last one of Sally. not that you asked ;) all your photos are great. I ordered a lands end suit once and loved it.

  8. I love your leaf artwork and photos. I hope you take it easy on yourself with a new baby growing happy inside! =)
    I love the Land Ends clothing as well. It's a nice splurge especially if they are on sale! =)

  9. I confess that your minimum looks an awful lot my like my maximum! Those pictures are gorgeous and that leaf craft looks like so much fun. And what a helpful girl you have. :)

  10. I love this post! It's like you are sitting across the table sipping on a cup of coffee with me. Wish that were true! Glad to hear all is well with Baby Joy. Have a great week - back at it!

  11. Great post! I agree with Laurie... Your minimum isn't looking so minimal! Hee hee So impressed with your good helpers tho! They are all simply glorious in their school photos...beautiful souls, each one! Praise God for that amazing health report. Our God is an awesome God And you've got yourself a beautiful miracle!


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