Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

That was my day last Saturday.

I asked Sally to get the outdoor fall decorations for me.  The outside fall decorations are under the a closet...behind all the storage bins full of kids' clothing.

*She had to pull all of the bins out first.

*Since the bins were already out, I decided I should take the winter clothes out  before she put the bins back.

*Bringing out winter clothes made me want to put some of the summer clothes away in the bins.  (It is still warm here and will be for a bit longer.)

*Switching clothes out, I saw the summer dresses that I had purchased for two of the girls...ones purchased specifically for yearly portraits....portraits that I was suppose to take over the summer.

Yeah.  That portrait session never happened.

*I decided to very  quickly take their portraits.

(Insert thought:: Still need to take portraits of the other two shot for Christmas cards this year?  Yeah.  That's not going to happen either.)

*Then I realized that when Mabel started bunking with Stan last spring, I left her clothes hanging in her old closet.

*Rearranged closets.  Everyone has their clothing with them now.  (Except Stan who has his own space in our master closet.)

*Packed away half of the summer clothes.

*Sally put the bins back...except one.  The bin that holds the treasured children's clothing that I simply could not part with.  I had been saving them for grandchildren someday.  Never thought I'd be putting them to use on one of our own again.

And if you are ready to lecture me on slowing down.  I already know.

Since last Saturday, my body has informed me that I had over done it.  I guess I was feeling too good and enjoyed playing the role of Mouse with a cookie.

I have heeded the warning from my doctor and my body to ratchet it down a few notches or else it is off to bed for me.

I guess my only excuse was that it was the first day of our fall vacation and I felt like accomplishing something.  :)

Slowing down is definitely worth it for Baby Joy.

P.S.  Oh yeah.  The pictures?  Totally doctored.  This mama had no energy to take her time manually.

~  Patty  ~


  1. The photos are gorgeous! I definitely have those Mouse days too...start one thing and leads to about 10 other things! Take care of you and baby Joy, dear friend!

  2. I hope that your body isn't suffering too much from your over-activity. Funny how a little project blows up into something that takes over a weekend. My problem is actually completing the task. We've started getting the winter clothes out...but...there's just too much going on to get it done.

    Lovely pictures of your beautiful girls!

  3. So many days here I am the Mouse. My husband laughs when I get from putting a few things in the storage bins to reorganizing closets and toy bins. :) It just seems to go that way.

    Gorgeous photos of beautiful girls!

  4. Wow the photos are gorgeous. I hope you have your feet up now :) Be Not AFraid

  5. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. It's been a LONG time since I picked up the camera to "really" shoot my kids. I look forward to getting back into it next spring when I can move a bit more ;)

  6. I so love your pictures Patty! What beautiful pictures. I wish I could get a lesson or two from you. Take care and I understand about doing one thing after the next... It's like the mouse with the cookie, instead with us we end it with coffee or chocolate perhaps. lol! blessings to you!

  7. The pictures turned out beautiful! It helps that you have gorgeous "subjects"! Switching out clothes is a big job and one that I don't look forward too. For this season of life you just need to put your feet up, you have very capable helpers :)

  8. Just bootiful! They are growing WAY too fast. Tell them Miss Kathee said to SLOW DOWN, they are making me feel old. And you need to SLOW DOWN as well.

    Are you ready to be in Huggies and Hormones for the next few years? Been there, done that! And it is SO worth it.

  9. your daughters are beautiful, inside and out! and you have been pne busy momma. glad to hear you're going to take it easy!!


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