Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Are Things With You?

And the time just keeps marching ahead.  I was looking at the calendar and realized that Advent season will be here sooner than we know it!

Check ups and TB tests~

*Had my latest thyroid test done.  Forgot to call for results.  (My doctor's office is horrible about getting back with results!)

*Mabel and Stan went in for their yearly check ups.  All is well.

*Stan needed to have a TB test.  (Came back negative.)  The only criteria that I answered yes to was that he was born in Asia.  The little guy watched as the nurse stuck a needle into his forearm and he never even winced.  One, tough little man!

Apparently, there has been a TB outbreak in and around the DFW area.

Hobby Lobby~

*Saw these...

and decided to pick them up.  Good to know that I will have them ready for the Advent wreath.

I also picked up these beautiful paper products for when I host moms' night out in November...

Hobby Lobby always carries the most beautiful paper products!  They were 40% off last week.  

Since all the Thanksgiving decorations were 40% as well, I picked up these...

Cute salt and pepper shakers for a cute sale price!


*My mother-in-law will turn 80 this Tuesday.  She is an amazing woman!  We miss living closer where we could visit more often.

(Picture is from my September trip home.)

*Sally will turn 12 on Wednesday.  Still cannot believe that!  This is her big party year so we agreed that she could have a sleep over.  Seven (tweens)  girlfriends will be camping out on our living room floor next Friday!

We've been working on her party plans and the excitement is building :)


Since I cannot afford the $4 pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, I was told about this...

Very yummy and affordable!

"Honey Do" List~

Running your own business...being the sole provider, the breadwinner...never feeling comfortable just sitting around...well, I saw the need for a list of things that had been neglected around the house.  

1.  Fence.  Ugh!  Most subdivisions down here have these fenced in yards.  No biggie except they put in the crappiest fences that you can imagine.  

Not even a treated lumber post!!!  

Texas sun and heat...sprinkler systems...Texas winds...= ROT...big time!

Our fence is four years old and three 8' panel section have rotted and blown down over the past six months.  Oh, David fixed them, but it really is only temporary.  

So...He has power washed...repaired all the rotted sections...and now is waiting for the rain to stop so he can restain and seal the fence.   Truly hoping this can buy us another four years at which time we need to buy a new fence.

2.  Shrubs.  Sally trimmed the front ones.  David pulled out the dead ones that were lost in the heat this past summer.

3.  Carpets.  It was our dream to start replacing the carpet with hard wood flooring this year.  

Then life happened (sigh....)

With my miscarriage and surgery last winter we incurred some big medical bills.  Now we are preparing for even bigger ones when I have surgery in January.

So...He was able to clean all the carpets downstairs today.  (Four rooms).  He needs to hit the upstairs...hopefully by the holidays.

And the "Honey Do"  list goes on...

Reading & Halloween~
Preparing with easy-peasy costumes this year and planning on reading these with the littles...

All Hallows Eve...(Oct. 31)

All Saints Day...(Nov. 1)

and for All Souls Day...(Nov. 2)

(I found all the books in  Catholic Mosaic.)

Currently, I am reading this to Ester, Mabel and Stan...

LOVE it!!  We read 1-2 chapters each night.  It is amazing how well the littles "get" it. 

Mabel has received it as a birthday gift from a friend and we were finally able to start it last week.  A beautiful gift!

The Rangers are going to put me into labor one of these games!   Ugh...David told me I get too emotional.  ;(

Well, Stan is standing next to me asking if I can go outside with him.  Can't resist his sweet face!  May you all enjoy what is left of your weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Gosh, y'all are busy!!! Every year I say I'm going to find candles for advent early, but I never do! Hobby Lobby is right next to Curves, so I may have to stop in tomorrow before I work out and grab some!

  2. I never thought of Hobby Lobby for paper products! They are pretty.

    You have so much going on! Happy birthday to you Sally. Twelve is a big year! You guys are great at celebrations, so I am sure that it will be special.

    I need to go dig out my books. I know I have at least two of those titles. I don't even have our fall decorations up yet. :( Not very on it this year.

    Been doing school planning to your playlist this weekend- thanks for keeping me going. ;)

    Hope you are feeling well!

  3. Sounds like a busy and productive weekend! My parents were here(!) and Jim and my Dad were able to get a lot done too. I'm going to have to try that pumpkin spice, yum!

  4. Can I just tell you how much I Looooove Hobby Lobby!? I had never been to one until tonight...we just got a new store in our area. All I can say is that I am in Hobby Lobby heaven! OHHH, and I love that pumpkin spice creamer too:) One of my favs!


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