Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friendly Wager

In case you haven't heard, the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers are playing each other in the American League Championship Series.

(Winner heads to the World Series against the winner of the St. Louis or Milwaukee match-up.)

We have some good Bloggy friends who live up in Michigan and are big Detroit Tigers' fans.

We happen to be big Rangers' fans ourselves.

Their cute kids wanted to engage our kids in a friendly wager.  Ha ha!  Game on!

If the Tigers of our kids has to dress up as a lion for Halloween.

(Mabel gets her out of wearing a hand-me-down costume! )

If  When  the Rangers win, their son Jacob agrees to wear toe nail the Rangers' colors.

Monday afternoon game time:  3:19 pm CST

Hopefully they'll be able to play their game #2 tomorrow.  Texas is finally getting some much needed rain!

Go Rangers!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Note to self- don't sip wine while reading Patty's blog! You may wind up snorting it out your nose!!! :)

  2. This makes watching the games even more fun!! Thanks for playing along with our family :)

  3. Great idea! GO TIGERS! Sorry, Patty, I can't help it!

  4. What great fun ! may the best team win !!

  5. What a neat idea for your families! Best of luck to you all... Sounds like fun!

  6. Love the toe nail polish, what a great bet. BTW, I love Johnny Cash.


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