Monday, October 17, 2011

Chit Chat

Baseball bets...

With the Rangers' win, our friends in Michigan held true to their word.  The boys may be embarrassed by having to wear toenail polish, but I told them that a real man keeps his word.   (By the way, boys, take it off as soon as you want too!)

Thanks for being good sports!


Words of wisdom...on material things and respect.

I have always preached to my kids to NOT climb, jump nor eat on furniture.  Oh, I know it is fun...I know kids will be kids...I know I am a mean mom...but you know what?  Tough.

This wisdom-filled mom of seven wrote a post this past summer that put my thoughts into words.  You can find it here.

Now I don't want to get anyone fired up or mad at me.  And if your opinion differs than mine...that's okay.  But just for the post.  It comes from the "owner's" perspective and how it teaches kids "respect" in another light.

Since my Littles are not angels, I read them that post and pointed out that I am not the only "unreasonable" mother on the face of the earth :)


Words of wisdom...on adoption...specifically those who think adoption is cruelty to children.  (Yes, you read that right!  Insane, isn't it.)

From the same amazing mom, read this post.



Keeping things quiet on the home front.  I like quiet days, don't you?

~  Patty  ~


  1. It's funny you mention the "mean mom" thing. I was just accused this weekend of being a "no-fun mom" by both my MIL and my own mother. They said this because I wouldn't let Joe play with the toilet paper in the bathroom. It's not that I think it is too messy, I just think it is gross for him to be playing right next to the toilet where you KNOW there are pee splatters! YUCK!

  2. First, I don't think the boys minded too much :) Jacob had to take his off for TaeKwoDo, but Jonah's polish is still on!
    Second, I'm mean too. No eating anywhere but at the kitchen table, I should probably read the post to my kids too.
    Third, I have gotten an e-mail very similar to that comment. It almost made me sick to my stomach. Rather be dead than adopted? Those people really need our prayers.

  3. heading on over to jen's to see Jacob's red and blue toes!! congrats on your team's win. I can't believe some people actually think abortion is preferable to adoption, such as that commenter over at He Adopted me first. That person has no idea what it's like to build one's family through adoption.

  4. I'm a mean Mom too! She definitely got it right. It's so not about the object, it's about learning respect, and making the nice things we are blessed enough to have, last.
    Quiet days are the best. Glad you are getting some rest. That baby bump is the cutest thing ever!

  5. Sorry, signed in as "Daddy" for some reason! -Jill

  6. Congrats to those Rangers! I DO have a soft spot for them since we blew them out last time. Yep, we love our SF Giants:) Fantastic Fun you, Jen and family enjoyed...good stuff. I'll be sure to check out your fun recommended blog the topics!


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