Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrating Her

The night before her birthday, I wanted to document how tall our 12 year old girl has grown....

(and I am 5'5)

We celebrated with an early morning birthday breakfast at IHOP.  (Love! Love! Love! Blueberry pancakes right now.)

The girls had allowance to spend at American Girl.  Amazing how easy it is to spend $$ while looking through an American Girl magazine.

How amazingly different it is to walk into that store with your hard earned allowance.   Money only goes so far you know, especially in that store :)

After swim practice that night, we celebrated with cupcakes and ice cream....

Sally picked out red velvet in honor of the Texas Rangers and her favorite color is pink.  

I had decided to spruce them up by picking up black cupcake holders at Hobby Lobby, pink and black ribbon to cut and hot glue on, and finally top it off with sprinkled pink sugar.

These were super easy to frost.  I've seen the idea oodles of times in magazines and decided to finally give it a whirl.  You simply take a large ziplock bag, cut a bottom corner out, place your frosting inside and waa-laa....a perfect piping instrument!

Since this is her big party year, (which I talked about our traditions here), she asked if she could have a slumber party.  It was to be our first in this house.

And it was a truly girly-girl, tween, toe-polishing, movie-watching night, kind-of- slumber party!

Invitations~  evite.  She picked out this one.

Paper products~ Party City had plenty to choose from.

 Activities and Games~   While the girls painted toes they played "Let's Talk," a conversation game I picked up at American Girl.  It has questions like...

You hear a bump in the night.  What do you do?

Thank You Gifts~  Instead of loot bags or thank you cards we decided to do something extra special.

Sally picked out rosary bracelets for the girls to take home.  Aren't they pretty?

For local DFW friends, I picked them up at the new Catholic gift store in Plano...Two Hearts.  Those are the pretty colors they came in.  

She packaged them up ...

We picked up those bags, tissue wrap, and tags at Hobby Lobby.  I'm telling you, they have great paper products at that store!

Entertainment~  the girls watched the movie Soul Surfer.  Awesome!

Dessert~  (My favorite meal)  A yummy "Texas Wildflower" themed cake from our favorite cake place, Central Market.

(It was a double layer with raspberry good!)

Sally loves the Texas wildflowers down here, particularly the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush.

(Springtime 2010)

I had to take a picture of the sleeping beauties with their sleeping masks.  (Crocheted sleeping masks!)

Take a close look at Stan in that photo.

Do not concern yourself over the fact that he was the only boy there.  He soaked up all the attention!!

This morning David and I made a huge breakfast for the guests.  We had pancakes, sausage, eggs, toast, OJ and milk on the menu.  They feasted!

After the guests left I was able to reflect on how God had lead us to an amazing home school group filled with so many amazing families when we moved to Texas.    God is good.  All the time.  The parents of these girls are doing such an amazing job raising beautiful, young ladies inside and out.  We really are blessed!

Oh!  And those Rangers?  Shoot!  We never did watch the game.  I realized, and mourned the fact, that after game 6 that they may not win it all.  But!  They are still #1 in our hearts.

Why do we love them?  Because they are a different group of ballplayers.  They aren't a bunch of show offs out for the big $$$ like so many big teams are.  They are just a group of good ole' boys just fixin'  (as they say in Texas) to play a good game of ball.  They love the sport for the sport.

Now for a quiet rest of the weekend...

~  Patty  ~


  1. I thought about you when I saw the game on last night(we were out).

    What a wonderful bday! Every bit of it looks magical. Happy birthday to your big girl.

    Stan does not look like he is hurting any to be the only boy there- it looks like he got a pretty good deal. ;)

    I think I caught your comments in real time! As I was approving the one, the next popped up.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Sally. That first picture is so precious! That party looked like so much fun...and so beautiful...just like you. The cake looks so beautiful and sounded delicious.

  3. I never even heard the outcome of the Series, or if it was even still going on!
    What a great b-day party! It's a weird feeling to have to look up to your child, isn't it?

  4. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter growing into a lovely young lady. you have reason to be so proud. I love the decorations Sally picked out.

  5. This sounded like a wonderful celebration. Your homeschool group seems like such a God-send. Our diocese is so rural and spread out that we have to travel to meet up with many of ours. This makes it hard to make close friends. You are incredibly blessed! What yummy cakes you had to enjoy:):)

  6. What a beautiful birthday celebration for your beautiful daughter! She looks alot like you! I love the cupcakes and rosary bracelets! What fun! Happy birthday to the birthday girl/tween! :) Thanks for stopping in to say Hi and leave such sweet comments on my blog! Have a blessed All Hallow's Eve/All Saints Day/All Souls Day this week! :)

  7. Looks like she had a really great birthday! I like her theme and agree that Hobby Lobby has some good stuff - you could be a spokes person!! The cupcakes wrappers are super cute and the rosary bracelets are a wonderful idea!! Sorry the Rangers didn't win, maybe next year! Happy Halloween!

    My Cake Boss just got done piping the frosting for his sisters birthday, now I need to get the birthday dinner going :)


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