Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Wishes

I'm writing this post tonight reflecting on what tomorrow brings...Sally's 12th birthday. 

 I am not sure what to think...sometimes these "night before" moments can be somewhat bittersweet.  At one moment, I am amazed at the person they are growing into and yet, at the same time a small piece of my heart aches knowing that time continues to march on and seems to be just fleeting.

If I could give one piece of advice to new mothers it would be to hold on.  Grasp.  Enjoy...even the hard times.  Don't wish away what you cannot retrieve.

She has one wish, and that is for the Texas Rangers to win the World Series tomorrow night... on her birthday.  Wow!  How I wish I could give you that gift!  

I'll be wishing upon every star I see tonight and saying an extra prayer as well!

Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true tomorrow!



  1. She is a beautiful young woman! Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Birthday blessings to your daughter! Beautiful name, btw. And, October bdays are extra special :)

    Enjoy her day and hopefully her wish will come true!

  3. My oldest celebrated #11 this summer and I can relate to everything you mentioned. It really does seem like not too long ago I was pregnant with her and now she's turning into a young woman. It's so cliche, but time sure does fly, doesn't it?

  4. Happy birthday in your household, what a beautiful young lady you have there. I love this age, they are still love happy to be children but confused about where they fit in with the adults. So glad i can be there to guide my 4, love Posie

  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I'm cheering for the Rangers, too!

  6. What a beautiful young lady your daughter is! Praying her birthday wishes come true. And, I applaud you for remembering to try and hold on to the moment at hand. Sometimes easier said than done. :)

  7. Praying for abundant birthday blessings for Sarah! May her wish come true in those uniforms of red, white and blue:) Wishing you all a wonderful birthday celebration, right a long with her! I can't even tell you how much I agree with your advice to new Moms...I can hardly believe I have an adult child! Hugs:)

  8. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! Hope it's a great one!


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